Minas leads Google searches for ‘beer’; see other most searched topics in the tool

Minas leads Google searches for ‘beer’; see other most searched topics in the tool
Minas leads Google searches for ‘beer’; see other most searched topics in the tool

A Google Trends survey released this week shows that Minas leads searches for the word ‘beer‘ in the tool. Santa Catarina and Goiás occupy the second and third places, respectively, in the ranking of those interested in the subject.
According to the document, general searches for beer and wine hit a record in the pandemic, in 2020.

The data also shows that general interest in beverages has grown in the last ten years. Between 2012 and 2022, searches for beer rose 60% and for wine, 120%.

Minas also appears among those most interested in subjects such as, trip (4th), LED lamp (2nd) and MEI (5th).

The information is part of the Google Trends Elections 2022 Report, which shows what Brazilians searched the most on the internet between January and June 2022, and also in recent years, in five areas: Economy, Health, Education, Safety and Environment.

The report claims that search behavior is a thermometer to probe the inner world of those who use the platform and is able to reveal a lot about what people want.

The data are also relevant to know about anxieties and desires of a significant part of the population. Domestic violencefor example, was the most searched crime in Brazil this year.

According to Google, in terms of the electoral period, the report also aims to contribute to the public debate on what Brazilians want for the country, and can help in the creation of public policies and guide candidates.

To define the subjects mentioned in the report, the main categories and the 5,000 most searched words in the last three years were considered. Data were also analyzed by temporal and regional cuts.

Check out the most searched topics on Google:

In EconomyBrazilians searched a lot for job vacancies, minimum wage, inflation, social benefits, housing, loans, dollars and jobs.

In Health, the most searched word was SUS. The Unified Health System (SUS) reached the highest level of interest for Google during the pandemic, in August 2021. The subject remained high from January to June 2022.

According to the report, interest in the SUS almost doubled (+90%) when comparing the first half of 2022 with that of 2017. In ten years, the increase was 265%.

Also in Health, users also search for pain, medicine, healthy living, women’s health and diseases.

In Education Brazilians looked for references on teaching, courses, leisure and religion.

In Safety the interest was in criminality, virtual crimes, rights and defense.

Already in Environment Brazilians research more about climate, deforestation, energy and sustainability.


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