Website with Bolsonaro’s name is used to criticize the president

Vinícius Prates* – State of Minas

posted on 08/31/2022 09:25 / updated on 08/31/2022 12:03

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A website with the domain ‘’ is being used to publish criticisms of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL). Previously, the site was used by the Chief Executive himself, but upon losing the site’s domain – the registry -, the address was purchased by another user and is now being used against the president.

According to a publication by Newspaper, 2020, the site was used to publicize government actions and was registered in the name of a company in the Federal District. A survey carried out by UOL pointed out that the domain had a change on August 11, 2022. So far, Planalto has not commented on what happened.

attacks on the president

The website’s homepage features the Chief Executive in a caricature assimilating the president to Adolf Hitler, leader of the Nazi Party, with a swastika on his arm and the presidential sash. The image accompanies the text: ‘Threat to Brazil’.

Among the publications, the site presents topics such as ‘election corrosion’, alleging attacks against the electoral process; ‘violence and hatred’; ‘dissemination of disinformation’; ‘rise of neo-fascism’; between others.

  • Website was used to publicize Bolsonaro government actions

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At the end of the page, the site identifies: “This site is not managed and does not belong to the Bolsonaro family”. On the page, the new owners describe: “This site is a digital art gallery and journalistic collection related to the Bolsonaro family.”

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