check out the changes in traffic on the holiday

check out the changes in traffic on the holiday
check out the changes in traffic on the holiday

posted on 08/31/2022 09:38

(credit: Minervino Júnior/CB/DAPress)

With the parade on 7 de Setembro, the date on which Brazil’s Independence is celebrated, there will be changes in traffic and parking spaces for those who will accompany the festivity. The Esplanade will be closed from the east side of the Plano Piloto bus station to the L4 road. The change in local traffic will start from 17:00 on Tuesday (6/9).

The lanes will be cleared for vehicle traffic after the parade has ended, the planned acts and, mainly, after a technical assessment by the security agencies. In addition, this Saturday (3/9), there will be a specific intervention on the N1 route, which will be partially closed for the training of the parade from 7 am until the end of the rehearsal.

For parking, the indicated places are the Setor Hoteleiro Norte, Palácio do Buriti and Court of Auditors of the Federal District and Territories (TCDF). For participants who choose to go to the Esplanada by bus, disembarkation will take place exclusively on the east side of the Plano Piloto Bus Station.

The DF Traffic Department (Detran-DF) will carry out routine inspections in operational support to the DF Military Police. An aircraft of the institution will be used to contribute to the flow of traffic, which can be changed at the last minute, if necessary.

road monitoring

District and federal highways will be monitored daily during the period by local transit agencies and by the Federal Police (PF) and Federal Highway Police (PRF). In addition to the Esplanade of Ministries, there will be two other observation points distributed throughout the capital.

According to the security agencies, the locations are essential to observe the arrival of possible caravans, in addition to those already cataloged through intelligence surveys and registration of demonstrations, which so far are from six different movements, all pro-government.


With the strong sun, low humidity and intense heat, the Military Fire Brigade of the DF (CBMDF) recommends the use of light clothes, sunscreen, caps or hats, in addition to drinking plenty of water.

There will be teams from the corporation at different points on the Esplanade that can be activated, in addition to vehicles for emergency care in pre-hospital, fire and rescue. In any case, the recommendation remains, in case of any emergency, to call 193.

Forbidden to take to the parade:
  • Fireworks and the like
  • weapons in general
  • Laser sharpener or similar
  • explosive artifacts
  • Sprays and aerosols
  • Masts made of any type of material to support, or not, flags, posters, etc.
  • Glass bottles and cans
  • Toy weapons, replicas, simulacra and any items that have the appearance of a firearm
  • Illicit drugs, according to Brazilian legislation
  • Flammable substances of any size or type
  • Melee weapons or any object that can cause injuries, even if they represent work or cultural tools (for example: scissors, hammers, arrows, clubs, clubs, drills)
  • Any other items to be disclosed, at least 24 hours in advance of the Transaction, by PMDF and/or SSP/DF and/or GDF

With information from the SSP-DF

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