3rd Virtual Honey Fair of Santa Catarina takes place in September

3rd Virtual Honey Fair of Santa Catarina takes place in September
3rd Virtual Honey Fair of Santa Catarina takes place in September

From the 1st to the 30th of September, the 3rd Virtual Honey Fair of Santa Catarina will take place. Due to the pandemic beekeepers and beekeepers from Santa Catarina created the virtual format of Feira do Mel in 2020, until then it took place on the streets of downtown Florianópolis. The internet made it possible to expand sales throughout Brazil, showing the quality of honey from Santa Catarina to the entire country.

Whoever buys honey from Santa Catarina will be buying a honey considered to be the best in the world six times at the Apimondia world congress. This is due to investments in technology and training by sector bodies, such as FAASC, Epagri, Sebrae, universities, Cidasc, Faesc/Senar System, which have reshaped the market.

The Honey Fair on the streets of Florianópolis is now held again in 2022. However, with the success of the two virtual fairs, the producers decided to keep the platform, as it can reach the entire country.

In all, 24 producers will have honey and honey products for sale on the website www.faasc.com.br/meldesantacatarina, which will be on the air on September 1st. They are producers from all regions of Santa Catarina offering honey and derivatives.

Products that will be sold:


honey cookies

Honey cake


beer with honey


Propolis extract


Organic certified honey

compound honey

Honey of different blooms

Organic certified honeydew honey

Bracatinga molasses honey


Mosquito with honey


organic pollen

The Fair is organized by FAASC (Federation of Associations of Beekeepers and Meliponiculturists of Santa Catarina), Epagri, Sebrae/SC, Sistema Faesc/Senar and UFSC. According to the president of FAASC, Ivanir Cella, the objective is to bring the producer closer to the consumer, publicizing the potential, quality and diversification of Santa Catarina’s product. “With the site, we are establishing new mechanisms for marketing honey from Santa Catarina, seeking territorial development and adding value to the products. This way we can also expand the Santa Catarina honey fair to consumers from all over Brazil, who will have access to the best honeys, all with certification”, says Cella.

The platform is not an e-commerce, it is to bring the consumer closer to the producer. Through it, the buyer can choose a supplier for his city and contact him directly. The sale of honey will be tabulated as every year, but the other products are negotiated with the producer, as well as the freight.

Online courses

During the fair there will be four free online workshops with bee products. Registration is now open and can be done up to two hours before each course. They will be broadcast live by google meet. At the end, participants will receive a certificate from Epagri.

See the course schedule:

06/09 – 15h (2h duration)

– Production of glycerin and oily extracts for the production of cosmetics based on stingless bee products

With Thiandra Cristina Sangaletti (Meliponário Rainha do Sul/RS) and Janaina Alves de Lima de Mello (Meliponário Mel e Cravo/RS)

12/09 – 14h (2h duration)

– Preparation of lip balm with honey and beeswax and manufacture of clay mask with honey

With Dinorah Boada Bilhalva (Physician Specialist in Family and Community Health/RS) and Larissa Raizer (Teacher with training in meliponiculture – Joinville/SC)

09/19 – 14h (2h duration)

– Production of mead

With Dylan Thomas Telles (Company Nectar Hidromel/SC)

– Production of honey brandy

With Mateus Pagliarini (Food Engineer – Consultant Senar/SC)

27/09 – 14h (2h duration)

Learn more about the different types of honey and their properties and learn how to identify fake honey.

With Rodrigo Cunha (Agronomist, Head of the Apicultural Studies Division at Epagri) and Ana Carolina (Professor at the Department of Food Science and Technology at UFSC)

– Honey on your table: with the cooking instructor Helenara da Rosa – Learn how to use honey in cooking in your day-to-day.

With Helenara da Rosa (Teacher and businesswoman, cooking instructor – Cachoeira do Sul/RS)

Scheduled prices:

Multifloral / Wild Honey

1 kg pot: R$30

500g pot: R$20

*Other products, values ​​directly with the supplier.

Beekeeping in SC

There are about 17 thousand agricultural establishments with beekeeping in the state and 300 thousand hives. according to the IBGE agricultural census in 2017. Beekeeping is a great income opportunity for family farming, as it is possible to combine it with other activities, the state has good weather conditions, abundance and varieties of bee flora in the state.


Santa Catarina is among the third or fourth largest honey producer in Brazil, but the highlights are quality and productivity. Santa Catarina honey has already been classified six times among the best in the world by the Apimondia Congress. In terms of productivity, Santa Catarina is ahead of other Brazilian states, as it produces 68 kg of honey per square kilometer per year, much higher than the national average of 5 kg. “The technology and technical support promoted by Epagri are fundamental factors in this result and also help to boost productivity”, explained the head of Beekeeping at Epagri and coordinator of the fair, Rodrigo Dirieux.

In the last harvest, Santa Catarina produced 7 thousand tons of honey, a volume within the state average. Now in 2022 we will also have production of honey from bracatinga honey, which only happens in even years.

The greatest economic impact of Santa Catarina beekeeping is in the work of pollination of bees that impacts the production of apples, pears, plums and other crops. According to the most recent survey carried out by FAASC, in 2014 approximately 45 thousand beehives were rented in Santa Catarina for pollination in apple orchards. Beekeeping also involves the production of propolis, pollen, royal jelly and apitoxin, products that serve as raw materials for the pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries.

Source: FAASC

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