Acre recycles less than 2% of all waste produced in the state, according to national research


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By Suene Almeida, ContilNet

A survey released by the Center for Political Leadership (CLP) shows that the state of Acre recycles only 1.13% of all waste produced in the state.

Acre is 17th in the ranking of Brazilian states in terms of waste recycling. The indicator is part of the Environmental Sustainability chart, and evaluates the recovery rate of recyclables in relation to the amount of domestic and public waste.

The state occupies 17th place in the garbage recycling ranking of all Brazilian states/ Photo: Reproduction

Also according to the CPL, as opposed to the state of Acre, Roraima, which is also part of the North region, is the Brazilian state with the highest waste recycling rate, with a total of 10.51%.

Still in the North region, the states of Pará (0.97%) and Amazonas (0.61%) are behind Acre in the ranking. The correct disposal of solid waste has been one of the major challenges faced in states to reduce the impact on the environment.

The state of Pernambuco, in the Northeast region, is the Brazilian state with the lowest rate of waste recycling, with a rate that corresponds to only 0.59% of all solid waste.

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