Tornado hits RS and leaves more trails of destruction


In the midst of the floods that affect the majority of Rio Grande do Sul, on Saturday morning (11), a tornado was recorded in the Rio Grande do Sul municipality of Gentil, located in the North of the State, the phenomenon was confirmed by Civil Defense.

Many internet users published videos of the tornado, which hit the city of Gentil in RS — Photo: Plantão Baixada RJ/Twitter/Reproduction/ND

According to the agency, the phenomenon can be characterized by a kind of air funnel with winds that can reach 190 km/h.

The trail of destruction that the phenomenon left was recorded and shared by residents of the affected region.

The phenomenon hit the city on Saturday – Video: Bia Aragão/Twitter/Reproduction/ND

Civil Defense confirms tornado

Civil Defense pointed out that the phenomenon was formed from storm clouds associated with humidity at different levels of the atmosphere, which end up gaining depth.

“These conditions are responsible for storms, with gusts of wind, lightning, hail and, eventually, tornadoes, as in fact occurred”, reported the agency.

According to the map, the marked regions may suffer from intense rainfall, starting on Sunday (12) – Photo: Inmet/Divulgação/ND

Furthermore, the Civil Defense added that damage was reported to the Civil Defense in a shed on a rural property, with no injuries reported.

According to Inmet (National Institute of Meteorology), an atmospheric blockage could continue to cause such instabilities in the weather in Rio Grande do Sul, with volumes of 30 mm to 50 mm of rain, at least until Wednesday (15).

Civil Defense report reveals more deaths

The phenomenon caused a lot of destruction in the region, internet users published photos of the post-tornado – Photo: Tucarj54/Twitter/Reproduction/NDThe phenomenon caused a lot of destruction in the region, internet users published photos of the post-tornado – Photo: Tucarj54/Twitter/Reproduction/ND

The balance published by Civil Defense this Monday morning (13) shows that the number of deaths rose to 147.

Another 127 people are missing and around 538,241 people are displaced. Check out the balance sheet below!

  • Affected municipalities: 447
  • People in shelters: 80,826
  • Homeless: 538,241
  • Affected: 2,115,703
  • Injured: 806
  • Missing: 127
  • Confirmed deaths: 147
  • People rescued: 76,470
  • Animals rescued: 10,814

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