Sintrajuf-PE presents Manifesto of the Pernambuco delegation for the XIV National Plenary

Sintrajuf-PE presents Manifesto of the Pernambuco delegation for the XIV National Plenary
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Fenajufe project was approved at the XXIII Plenary, in November 2023, and bears the mark of unity and democracy

Manifesto >> The delegation elected at the general assembly, held on April 25th, for the XIV National Plenary of Fenajufe, which will take place in Natal between the 23rd and 26th of this month, signed a manifesto in defense of Fenajufe’s career restructuring project of the civil servants of the Union Judiciary. And he warned about the context of the management of personnel funds in the PJU and the need for mobilization to unlock negotiation of the category’s agenda.

The Fenajufe project was approved at the XXIII Plenary, in November 2023, and brings the mark of unity and democracy in discussions and deliberations. The XXIV Plenary in Natal should confirm the mobilization agenda for the project. Check out the full manifesto here:

The Sintrajuf-PE delegation elected to the XXIII National Plenary defends:

Now it’s time to mobilize for the preliminary project to restructure Fenajufe’s career

1. Mobilization for Fenajufe’s proposal for career restructuring. It is the result of a democratic process between 26 grassroots unions, which, with a systemic vision, seeks to overcome historical problems. Reflection and debate are permanent, but now the fight is to open negotiations with the PJU leadership.

2. The proposal values ​​all positions, active, from A1 to C13, and retired; establishes a guideline to match analysts to better positioned careers and reduces internal disparity (return to overlap); increases AQs; preserves 13 standards (reference to retirees), bonuses and acquired rights; faces precariousness with its own staff in the areas of health, legal, security, IT, retraining assistants and transport/concierge agents and others.

Critical and autonomous stance against privileges and frills!

3. Maintaining rights and moving forward require a budget, considering the needs of civil servants in the discussion of the PJU’s proposal to the LOA. This involves: a) confronting self-centered management in the judiciary of superior councils; b) advance the democratization of labor relations.

4. The management of councils suffocates basic and career demands of the category – tramples on rights – inflationary correction, return of fifths/VPNI, payment of liabilities, filling of positions, etc. – and can close the future to career renewal aimed at an agile, transparent, democratic, fair PJU, with valued workers, without precariousness and harassment.

The “ATS” and the “Compensatory License” affected the budget, as the CSJT attests. PEC10 is another bomb in the image of the Judiciary and has been making the rentier media’s party against public expenses. It expands career prospects with more exclusive funding for the judiciary.

Mobilizing is necessary. Democratize Councils now!

5. The councils have a low presence in society and zero representation of civil servants, but they regulate work and treat associations/unions differently from the judiciary. Without collective bargaining (C. 151) and free class-based license, the category is going through productive revolution 4.0 with intensification of work, extinction of positions and precariousness (e.g. “legal residence”).

6. In this context, the CNJ Career Forum is important, but it needs effectiveness and autonomy to agree with Fenajufe. On the other hand, mobilization is necessary, with a national calendar and an eye on the LOA deadline, in July/August, to unlock our agenda.

7. For a modern, fair and valued career! For a budget for the services and rights of the public servants! No to privileges and frills! Democratization of the PJU and labor relations! For tax reform that brings justice, refinances the state and social rights, taxes large fortunes and profits/dividends and corrects the IR table. Servants in the budget and in the fight against fiscal and rentier pressures on the Union budget!

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