In one of the longest trials in SC, trio is convicted of killing young man in Canoinhas

In one of the longest trials in SC, trio is convicted of killing young man in Canoinhas
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One of the longest trials in Santa Catarina ended, last Saturday (11), with the conviction of the trio accused of killing a young man in Canoinhas, in Planalto Norte, in April 2021. The Jury Session, which began last Monday- fair (6), lasted six days.

Jury Court lasted six days – Photo: Luiz Felipe Meyer/JMais/ND

Murdered in front of his house, young Cláudio Herbst was 27 years old when he was shot several times with a firearm. For the MPSC (Public Ministry of Santa Catarina), the crime was motivated by jealousy.

According to the prosecutor’s office, the person who ordered the crime did not accept the end of the relationship with his ex-partner, who was reportedly dating Cláudio. The two accused of carrying out the murder were allegedly hired to kill the victim.

According to the complaint, the crime occurred around 7 pm on April 15, 2021. The accused stopped the car near the victim’s house and one of them shot Herbst nine times, while the other stayed in the vehicle waiting to escape with the partner.

“The defendant, who ordered the crime, acted out of jealousy, as the criminal action was carried out due to the feeling of ownership he had towards his ex-partner, the victim’s current partner”, says the MPSC in the complaint.

The young man’s death was premeditated

Everything would have been agreed in advance, from the moment of the crime to the way it would be executed. For this reason, the mastermind was convicted of triple homicide – a futile, cruel motive and use of a resource that made it difficult for the victim to defend himself.

The executioners were also convicted of triple homicide, but in their case, in addition to the use of cruel means and resources that made it difficult to defend the victim, the crime was qualified by payment or promise of a reward.

Combined, the sentences reach 60 years in prison. The accused must also pay, each of them, the amount of R$100,000 to the victim’s successors as reparation for the harm caused and the seriousness of the crime.

Trial was marked by long debates

One of the reasons the trial dragged on for six days was the long debates between the prosecution and defense, as well as interrogations that lasted hours. The delegate who conducted the investigation, for example, was questioned for more than eight hours on the first day of the Jury Session.

The trial, in fact, was supposed to take place in 2023, and started in July. The Jury Court was dissolved, however, after the defense stated that the MPSC did not have access to an important document from the investigation, which was confirmed by prosecutors.

The MPSC then asked for the Court to be dissolved, and the request was accepted by the judge presiding over the session. After back and forth, the session was rescheduled for the 6th.

Letter sent to prison was used as evidence in trial

Accused of being at the center of the crime, the ex-wife of the man behind the murder was summoned to give a statement in court, but did not appear. The defense used a letter she sent to her former prison partner.

In the letter, she made a declaration of love for the accused and, for his defense, this would prove that the couple’s relationship never came to an end. The couple lived together in Guarapuava (PR), and the ex-partner’s defense claims that he did not order the death of his ex’s boyfriend.

According to the principal’s lawyers, those accused of carrying out the crime were sent to Canoinhas to find out about the woman’s behavior after the separation.

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