Governors and politicians have a week of events in NY

Governors and politicians have a week of events in NY
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Esfera Brasil and Lide events bring at least 11 governors and 17 politicians including congressmen, former mayors and executive secretaries of ministries to the United States

At least 11 governors and 17 politicians are confirmed to participate in Brazilian events in New York this week. Esfera Brasil, owned by businessman João Camargo, promotes a seminar on Monday (May 13), while Lide, owned by former governor of São Paulo João Doria, holds its annual forum on Tuesday (May 14).

On Wednesday (May 15), the newspaper Economic value takes advantage of the presence of Brazilian authorities in the USA and organizes a “summit”. The Minister of Mines and Energy, Alexandre Silveira, was confirmed in the Esfera program. Federal Supreme Court minister Alexandre de Moraes was invited by Lide, but never confirmed it, despite Doria’s publications taking his presence for granted.

Due to the escalation of rain in Rio Grande do Sul, some authorities confirmed to remain in Brazil and not travel to New York. This is the case of the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), who was present at the Esfera Brasil and Lide events, but decided to stay in Brasília to continue with priority projects to help the State.

Esfera Brasil will hold this Monday (May 13th) the seminar “Connecting opportunities, building the future” at Rockefeller Center, from 7pm to 10pm. Here is the list of confirmed authorities:

  • Alexandre Birdman (CEO of Arezzo&CO);
  • João Adibe (CEO of Cimed);
  • Jorge Viana (president of ApexBrasil);
  • Luiza Trajano (president of the Board of Directors of Magazine Luiza);
  • Mariana Lisbôa (global head of corporate relations at Suzano);
  • Renan Filho (Minister of Transport).

The following day, Tuesday (May 14), Lide (Group of Business Leaders) promotes the annual event from 8am to 12pm, at the Harvard Club. Lide Brazil Investment Forum, which brings together businesspeople to attract investments to Brazil. Here is the list of confirmed authorities:

Finally, the newspaper Economic value organizes on Wednesday (May 15, 2024), from 9am to 2pm, an event that brings together leaders and businesspeople to discuss the bilateral trade relationship between Brazil and the United States. Here is the list of confirmed authorities:

  • Cláudio Castro (governor of Rio de Janeiro);
  • Dario Durigan (executive secretary of the Ministry of Finance);
  • Eduardo Riedel (governor of Mato Grosso do Sul);
  • Gabriel Galípolo (director of Monetary Policy at the Central Bank);
  • Gilberto Tomazoni (Global CEO of JBS);
  • Helder Barbalho (governor of Pará);
  • Ilan Goldfajn (president of the IDB and former president of the Central Bank);
  • James Bullard (former president of the Saint Louis Federal Reserve);
  • Kevin Warsh (former member of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors);
  • Mauro Mendes (governor of Mato Grosso);
  • Ratinho Jr (governor of Paraná);
  • Ronaldo Caiado (governor of Goiás);
  • Scott Jennings (Republican Party strategist);
  • Tarcísio de Freitas (governor of São Paulo)


May 13, 2024 (10:30) – Unlike what had been reported in this post, the ministers of the STF Alexandre de Moraes and Ministers of Mines and Energy, Alexandre Silveira, will not participate in the events in New York. The text was corrected and post updated.

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