Motorcycle accidents in Rio rise by more than 19% in one year, and the number of deaths increases

Motorcycle accidents in Rio rise by more than 19% in one year, and the number of deaths increases
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The accident between a motorcycle and a car last Thursday in Madureira, North Zone of Rio, left driver Vitor Hugo Teodoro, 21, and a passenger who had requested a ride via app in Anchieta on the asphalt to arrive on time. in a job interview in Freguesia, West Zone of the city. After the fall, with injuries and a burn on her foot, she got up and ordered another motorcycle via app to reach her destination. Vitor was rescued by the Fire Department and taken to Lourenço Jorge Municipal Hospital, where tests revealed a dislocation in his right leg.

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— I’ve had six motorcycle accidents since I started working — says the 21-year-old motorcyclist, who registered as an app pilot seven months ago, after the bankruptcy of his e-commerce company.

Inflated statistics

Accidents like the one Vitor and his passenger suffered inflate the statistics on traffic incidents in the city of Rio. From 2022 to 2023, the number of motorcycle incidents increased by 19.68%. Last year, according to the Fire Department, motorcyclists in the city of Rio were involved in 1,401 collisions, 13,266 collisions and 5,553 falls, a total of 20,220 accidents.

Data from the Alberto Torres State Hospital, in São Gonçalo, which has the largest Trauma Center in Rio and receives serious victims from across the Metropolitan Region, indicate that the number of victims of motorcycle accidents is more than five times greater than that of car accidents. In 2023, there were 1,149 people injured in motorcycle accidents and 205 in car accidents. This year, until March, the count reached 325 in motorcycles and 56 in cars.

Driving recklessly or inexpertly (without technical or practical qualifications) leads to the current situation — which worsens when safety equipment and appropriate clothing are not used.

— There is Federal Law 12,009 (2009), which requires that, for someone to perform the role of motor freight driver, they must be over 21 years old, have at least two years of “A” license and meet other requirements, such as using safety equipment. But today what we see is kids who need to bring their living home, riding a motorcycle in flip-flops, without a helmet — laments Marcelo Matos, executive director of Sindmoto (Rio de Janeiro Motorcyclists’ Union).

2 of 2 Infographic — Photo: Editoria de arte
Infographic — Photo: Editoria de arte

— The motorcycle becomes a cheaper mode than the car due to fuel and maintenance. There is still ease of travel, especially in large centers — says IbacBrasil traffic specialist Lúcio Fernando Linhares Machado. — Pilots use corridors on the roads, but this can later lead to a risk of accidents — he adds.

Four times as many bikes

Twenty years ago, the car fleet in the city of Rio was half of what it is today, while the number of motorcycles was equivalent to 1/4 of what exists today. From 2022 to 2023, while the number of cars registered in the city of Rio increased by 11,931, the number of new motorcycles was 29,460.

Motorcycle riders interviewed by GLOBO point out another risk on the streets. Among them is a type of fraud in which unlicensed motorcyclists “rent” accounts from licensed passenger transport app riders to ride illegally around the city for amounts between R$100 and R$200 per week.

— Often, passengers who accept rides don’t notice that it’s someone else, because they’re wearing a helmet — says a pilot, who didn’t want to be identified.

The “maneuver” puts passengers and motorcyclists at risk and constitutes a crime of ideological falsehood, according to the police.

Uber informs that it does not accept disabled riders and that “to register on the app and drive in the modality, the rider must have a driver’s license with paid activity observation (EAR)”. 99 says that, to register, the driver goes through a process of document analysis, vehicle licensing and background checks: “They also need to be 19 years old or over and have a definitive driver’s license in categories A or AB” .

The increase in accident rates has an impact on the number of serious hospitalizations and deaths. Data from Datasus, a Ministry of Health platform, indicate that there was, from 2022 to 2023, an increase of 18.5% in the number of deaths due to motorcycle accidents in the city of Rio. Among the victims of serious and very serious accidents who survive , pilots and passengers may have permanent or disabling consequences.

— The most serious trauma is a cranial injury, with damage linked to the central nervous system. Often, in a crash, the motorcyclist is thrown forward and has the frontal region (skull and face) and even the cervical and thoracic regions affected. Most common are fractures, linked to orthopedics. The most serious ones can make the limb (lower or upper) incapacitating or with little functionality — says doctor Bruno Guimarães, director of the Municipal Hospital Lourenço Jorge, in Barra, which has provided the most care for motorcycle accident victims in the municipal network this year.

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