Literature and theater in a children’s musical at the Renato Russo Cultural Space

Literature and theater in a children’s musical at the Renato Russo Cultural Space
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copyright, Jacaré Bilé – The Musical brings in its DNA the Brasília identity through the encounter between literature, theater and music. The show’s script, freely inspired by a book by writer Alessandra Roscoe, is written by Gabriel Neves with compositions of his own combined with those of the author herself.

Directed by Gabriela Abreu, also from Brasilia, the musical takes the audience on a playful and fantastic dive into the Brazilian flora where the fauna coexists in harmony. In this safe environment, the many animals that live there are afraid to explore what lies beyond the limits of their home.

Harmony that begins to be broken when the fearless Onça, the only one with the courage to go beyond these limits, brings reports of what lies beyond. Curious, Bem-te-vi and Bilé, the Jacaré, begin to exchange day for night. The Musical runs at Hugo Rodas Theaterfrom the Renato Russo Cultural Space, May 18th and 19thwith the promotion of FAC – Federal District Culture Support Fund.

To compose the characters of this adventure, Gabriel Neves immersed himself in Brazilian flora and fauna in order to “develop their wishes, desires and rhythms”, he points out, and based on indigenous traditions, “how they relate to the land and the myths of the forest.”, he highlights.

In this musical of original songs, for Gabriela, “they are a delight to listen to and reflect the rhythmic and melodic diversity of our Brazil with Baião, Coco, Brega and Forró”, details the director, who highlights the talented cast and team who dedicated themselves to building a musical with love. “We hope that this love reaches the audience, infecting each person who comes to watch us”, she invites.

Author of more than 50 books, including O Jacaré Bilé from almost 10 years ago, Alessandra Roscoe is thrilled to see her work take to the stage in the performance of a group that claims to be fans. “Seeing our work inspire another form of artistic expression makes me very happy and I’m very curious to see how it will happen”, says Roscoe. She followed part of the editing process for this musical, which, according to her, “will wake up many sleeping childhoods out there”.

The theater group Troupe Work This Idea debuted on the stages of Brasília in 2013 and has more than 15 shows in its repertoire. Focusing on family shows, the group develops theatrical and musical plays with current themes. The Troupe has participated in events, school projects and festivals around the country.


Location: Hugo Rodas Theater at Espaço Cultural Renato Russo (508 South)

Days: May 18th and 19th

Times: Saturday, at 7pm, Sunday, at 4pm (accessible session), and at 7pm

Ticket: R$25 (half price)

Box office:

Indicative rating: free for all audiences recommended for children aged 8 and over

Duration: 100 minutes


School project: 7/6, at Teatro Paulo Gracindo at SESC Gama; 21/6, at Teatro Paulo Autran at SESC Taguatinga; and 6/28, at SESC Ceilândia’s Newton Rossi Theater

Source: Territory Communication

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