Cremers officiates State Health Secretariat of Rio Grande do Sul

Cremers officiates State Health Secretariat of Rio Grande do Sul
Cremers officiates State Health Secretariat of Rio Grande do Sul

Cremers officiates State Health Secretariat of Rio Grande do Sul
The entity requests that measures be taken regarding care in hospitals in the Metropolitan Region of Porto Alegre

Faced with a worrying scenario and the absence of technical conditions for the ethical and adequate exercise of Medicine, with the risk of lack of assistance to users of the healthcare system in the Metropolitan Region, the Regional Council of Medicine of the State of Rio Grande do Sul (Cremers) officiated the State Department of Health (SES) so that measures can be taken in relation to the Hospitals Nossa Senhora das Graças (Canoas), Pronto-Socorro (Canoas), Centenário (São Leopoldo), Dom João Becker (Gravataí) and Alvorada (Alvorada).

In the document, Cremers requests that the SES execute a contingency plan for the allocation and transfer of patients to other units, with extensive communication to the municipalities’ Health Departments.

According to the president of Cremers, Eduardo Neubarth Trindade, the Council has received reports of service restrictions related to both specialties and emergency services. “Several irregularities are reported involving a lack of a full roster of medical specialists,” he explains.

According to a survey by Cremers, the following are in a restricted service situation:

  • EMERGENCY RESTRICTION: Hospital Nossa Senhora das Graças (Canoas), Hospital Centenário (São Leopoldo) and Hospital Dom João Becker (Gravataí);
  • RESTRICTION IN THE OBSTETRIC CENTER: Hospital de Alvorada (Alvorada);

Trindade also informs that Cremers will carry out inspections of health institutions and will communicate the facts to the Municipal Health Department and the Public Ministry to assist in the necessary measures to regularize services.

Still regarding the Hospital de Alvorada, where there was a change of management on Monday (1st), Trindade reports that the establishment does not have formal medical management with the municipality. “We have notified the new manager to present the roster of those on duty for the month of April, as well as indicate the doctor who will be technically responsible for the institution”, she states.

If necessary, the Council may adopt measures to ethically prohibit establishments in which, after inspection, “the absence of minimum safety conditions for the medical procedure or evident harm to patients is found, either due to the existence of a potential risk to health, disrespect for their dignity or modesty, or for violating the confidentiality of the medical procedure due to breach of privacy and confidentiality”, according to CFM Resolution 2056/2013.

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