joint effort promotes creation of identity cards for autistic people


This April 2024, as part of the celebrations for Autism Awareness Month, the Fundação Catarinense de Educação Especial, in partnership with the Scientific Police of Santa Catarina, is organizing days and times reserved for people with autism to receive care in the units of the Scientific Police of Santa Catarina to issue the Identity Card.

This campaign was created to meet a need reported by families of people with autism, who claim difficulties in following the normal flow of care for this service.

“Our objective is that this is just the beginning of a partnership between Scientific Police units and institutions specialized in serving people with disabilities, so that everyone becomes aware of the need for special assistance for this public”, explains the president of FCEE , Jeane Rauh Probst Leite.

With the support of specialized institutions partnering with FCEE, the campaign is being organized in all regions of the state. People interested in receiving assistance should contact the regional unit of the Scientific Police, as listed in this link:

“The goal is to make this process as smooth and comfortable as possible for everyone involved. Having identification that recognizes the specific needs of autistic people can make their daily lives much easier, both in everyday situations and in an emergency situation. Furthermore, this initiative also promotes greater awareness of the needs and challenges faced by autistic people, contributing to a more inclusive and empathetic society”, highlights the general expert, Andressa Boer Fronza.

The appointment schedule is being organized in conjunction with specialized institutions in each region. Therefore, it is important to contact the regional unit of the Scientific Police to confirm the locations and dates of service, in addition to the necessary documents.

Check below the regions that have already joined the effort, with their respective service dates exclusively for people with autism:

01st to 05/04 – Blumenau – European Shopping Park Identification Point

02 to 05/04 – Rio do Sul – Scientific Police of Rio do Sul

03/04 – Campos Novos – Scientific Police of Campos Novos

05, 12, 19 and 26/04 – Balneário Camboriú – Scientific Police of Balneário Camboriú

09 and 19/04 – Tubarão – Tubarão Scientific Police

09 to 30/04 – Jaraguá do Sul – Scientific Police of Jaraguá do Sul

04/15 – Caçador – Caçador Scientific Police

15 to 19/04 – Chapecó – Chapecó Scientific Police

16 and 18/04 – Joaçaba – Scientific Police of Joaçaba

04/18 – Xanxerê – Xanxerê Scientific Police

04/19 – Lages – Lages Scientific Police

22 to 26 /04 – São José and Palhoça – Scientific Police Units Shopping Itaguaçu and Shopping Via Catarina

04/25 – Brusque – Brusque Scientific Police

04/26 – Itajaí – Itajaí Scientific Police

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