Selection process in Campo Novo RS for psychologist is announced


In the city of Campo Novo, located in Rio Grande do Sul, the City Hall, through the Municipal Department of Social Assistance (Cras), is offering an excellent opportunity for psychology professionals. A new selection process was announced to hire a psychologist on a temporary basis.

To apply for the position, it is essential that the interested party has a complete higher education degree in Psychology, in addition to active registration with the respective regional council, guaranteeing their legal qualification to practice professionally. Once hired, the psychologist will have a 40-hour work week, with monthly remuneration varying between R$4,785.43 and R$5,74.58, a considerable attraction for professionals in the field.



City Hall of Campo Novo RS registers for selection process for the position of psychologist

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Find out how to apply

Interested candidates have a short period to register, which will be open from April 3rd to 5th. Registration must be made in person at Campo Novo City Hall, specifically at Avenida Bento Gonçalves, nº 555, Centro, between 8am and 11am and 1:30pm and 4:30pm.

The selection of candidates will be made through analysis of CVs and titles, following scoring criteria clearly defined in the selection process document. This methodology aims to identify the candidates who are most prepared and aligned with the needs of the position.

It is important to highlight that the Selection Process will be valid for one year, counting from the date of its approval, and may be extended for an equal period, as needed by the public administration.

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