99.47% of Amazonas managers reported public expenses to TCE-AM

99.47% of Amazonas managers reported public expenses to TCE-AM
99.47% of Amazonas managers reported public expenses to TCE-AM

The Court of Auditors of the State of Amazonas (TCE-AM), through the Electronic Account Domicile (DEC), received 382 Annual Account Renderings (PCA), referring to the 2023 financial year. This number represents 99.47% of deliveries anticipated. Only two agencies did not send the PCA. The deadline for submitting documents was midnight this Monday, April 1st.

During the 10th session of the Full Court this Tuesday, 2nd, the president-advisor Yara Amazônia Lins congratulated the results achieved, recognized the work of the Court of Auditors teams and considered the number significant for the Court.

“This percentage of 99.47% of installments delivered is higher than the average of the last ten years. I note that, on March 25th, with just one week left before the deadline, only 108 managers had sent the PCA’s, and as soon as the external control units of this Court identified this low number, they set up a task force, making calls and issuing alerts, having finally achieved this significant percentage of delivery”, celebrated counselor Yara Amazônia Lins.

The president-advisor also informed that “an alert will be issued to the management units that did not deliver, regarding the need for delivery, even if untimely, under penalty of liability”.

There are two bodies that failed to deliver on time. Being the Municipal Council of Juruá, which began the sending process but did not complete it in time, and the Public Health Consortium of Alto Solimões “Alto Solimões Saúde e Vida – ASAVIDA”.

According to the head of the Planning and Inspection Monitoring Division (Diplaf), Cristiane Aguiar, there is a process of Accounting for the ASAVIDA Consortium from previous years, in addition to a statement from the Public Accounts Ministry (MPC-AM) determining that the Consortium , even without financial transactions, must be delivered to the PCA. This determination is not being obeyed.

PCA’s delivered

The Municipal Council of Silves (municipality 203 kilometers from Manaus) was the first to complete the delivery of the Annual Accounts Rendering (PCA), with sending on January 30, one day after the opening of the sending period. Also noteworthy is the Tapauá City Council, which sent the Annual Accounts on February 2nd, signed and delivered electronically.

Among the bodies at the state level, 132 delivered annual accounts. At the municipal level of the capital, the total was 51 deliveries.

At the municipal level of the interior municipalities, which include direct administration bodies, funds, agencies, foundations, companies, among others, 197 completed sending the balance sheet, of the 199 registered in the system. The accountability of the Government of the State of Amazonas was finalized on March 27th and that of the Municipality of Manaus, on the 28th of the same month.

The Secretary of External Control, Stanley Scherrer highlighted the collaboration between the Court’s sectors and state bodies for the success of the PCA’s delivery process.

“We carried out hand-to-hand work, an almost daily conversation with the bodies to raise awareness and we obtained a fantastic result. TCE-AM managed to meet the institutional goal that was established and reached this number that represents almost all of the bodies under its jurisdiction”, highlighted Stanley Scherrer.

The management report is part of the accountability; the audit report and certificate, with the opinion of directors of the internal control body, budgetary, financial and asset balances, in addition to the monthly balance sheets and proof of expenses incurred.


Managers who have not fulfilled this obligation by the stipulated date are subject to fines, may be held liable in court for delay in complying with the legal obligation or undergo the establishment of a Special Accounting, an administrative and accounting procedure used when the public manager has not rendered the accounts. duly, did not present documents proving the expenses incurred or when there is suspicion of embezzlement of public resources.

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