Trio killed by police committed 4 robberies in 1h30 and threatened police, says major

Trio killed by police committed 4 robberies in 1h30 and threatened police, says major
Trio killed by police committed 4 robberies in 1h30 and threatened police, says major

After the death of three people in Contagem, by police officers, PM holds a press conference to explain the conditions of what happened | Photo: Isabela Abalen

The Military Police of Minas Gerais (PMMG) defended the operation that ended in three suspects being killed by police officers in the early hours of Tuesday (2 April) on Avenida João César de Oliveira, in Contagem, in the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte. According to the corporation’s spokesperson, Major Layla Brunnela, the military acted in accordance with protocol and reacted to the risk to their own lives and the lives of pedestrians and residents of the region. Among the dead was a 15-year-old teenager and a 25-year-old young man. The other has not yet been identified.

There was no exchange of gunfire, but the soldier explains that the trio managed to overcome the police sieges on the road and did not stop the violence after the order to stop with sound signals. “It is necessary to explain that the suspects do not need to shoot for the police officers to be at risk and need to react. In this case, the men pointed a gun at the garrison and threw the vehicle onto the vehicle, in an obvious threat,” she states.

The major reinforces that the three suspects were rescued immediately, but died a few minutes after starting treatment at the Contagem Municipal Hospital. “All the victims recognized the three perpetrators and pointed out how violent and excited they were. They did not stop when ordered by the police and were speeding, posing a risk even to pedestrians and other vehicles. It happened on a busy avenue in Contagem”, continues Major Layla.

The soldiers who fired are at the disposal of the Judicial Military Police. “Police measures are adopted normally. The soldiers go to Rotam and go through legal proceedings. The victims’ testimonies and monitoring images of the thefts and persecution are already being processed to be attached to the process”, explains the commander.

The suspects

Two of the suspects, aged 15 and 25, were identified. They have several police records, including for illegal possession of a firearm and robbery. The oldest was wearing an electronic ankle bracelet with aluminum foil attached. “According to him, so as not to be tracked”, explains the major. The third has not yet been identified, according to the corporation, he appears to be in his early 20s.

Victim was attacked

One of the victims of the trio, who committed a series of robberies and robberies from Monday night until the early hours of Tuesday, told the police that she was raped.

According to the victim, she was hit in the head with gun butts and was violently coerced after taking her cell phone out of her pocket and handing it over to the suspects. During the robbery, one of the men held a gun to the woman’s head. The stolen vehicles and items were returned to their owners.

Sequence of thefts and robberies

The first theft occurred on Avenida João César de Oliveira, in Contagem. The armed trio approached the victim inside a silver Siena car. The men fled with the vehicle and abandoned the victim, but were unable to get very far. A car security system turned off the vehicle about 10 minutes after the robbery.

On foot again, the trio then carried out a second robbery. This time, in the Glória neighborhood, in Belo Horizonte, close to the border with Contagem. The men stole a black Fiat Palio and abandoned the driver on the street.

With the direction of the car, the suspects left for the last two robberies, approximately 1h30 later. Near a drug store that was closing, the trio approached two people on foot. According to the PM, with aggression, to steal cell phones from two victims. Three weapons were seized. Two .9 cal pistols and a .38 cal revolver.

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