Robinho’s lawyer is Pedrinho, baby stolen from hospital 38 years ago

Robinho’s lawyer is Pedrinho, baby stolen from hospital 38 years ago
Robinho’s lawyer is Pedrinho, baby stolen from hospital 38 years ago

The team of lawyers for former football player Robinho, who is serving a sentence for rape, includes Pedro Júnior Rosalino Braule Pinto. The defender starred in a famous case in the federal capital in the 1980s. Known as Pedrinho, he was kidnapped from a maternity hospital in Brasília just hours after being born.

Today, at 38 years old, he works in the area of ​​criminal law. As a lawyer, Pedro has defended big names in politics, such as Aécio Neves.

Pedrinho was kidnapped in 1986 in the maternity ward of Hospital Santa Lúcia, in Asa Sul. Taken to Goiânia, he lived for 16 years as the son of Vilma Martins Costa, named Osvaldo Martins Borges.

Simulating a pregnancy, Vilma kidnapped the child to force her then partner, also Osvaldo Martins Borges, to marry her. She ended up achieving her goal. Upon seeing the woman supposedly pregnant, Osvaldo left the family and raised Pedrinho with Vilma as if he were his legitimate son.

In 2002, the biological parents, who live in Brasília, found the boy. He moved to Brasília, but never lost contact with Vilma, who was convicted and served a prison sentence. The case inspired the television hit Senhora do Destino.

Pedrinho with his biological parents after the outcome of the kidnapping that lasted 16 years

The Robinho case

Robinho is arrested by order of the Superior Court of Justice (STJ). On March 21, ministers validated, by 9 votes to 2, Italy’s sentence that sentenced him to 9 years in prison for the crime of gang rape against a young Albanian girl in a Milan nightclub in 2013.

The former Santos and Atlético-MG player has always denied having committed any crime.

After the STJ’s decision, he was arrested by the Federal Police in the Aparecida neighborhood, in Santos, and was taken to the Federal Court headquarters in the city, where he underwent a custody hearing and went to Tremembé.

In addition to Robinho, the Tremembé complex is also responsible for other prisoners involved in high-profile cases, such as Alexandre Nardoni, Cristian Cravinhos, Gil Rugai and Lindemberg Alves.

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