Concrete paving of PRC-280 between Palmas and Cleveland begins this month


The Department of Highways of Paraná (DER/PR), an agency of the Secretariat of Infrastructure and Logistics (SEIL), is preparing PRC-280 to receive the new rigid concrete pavement in the section between Clevelândia and Palmas, in the Southwest region. The work involves an investment of R$188.25 million, covering a 45-kilometer stretch between the two municipalities.

Since last week, re-profiling and milling services have begun on the highway’s carriageways, including sections of third lanes, as necessary to adjust the level of the roadway, in addition to correcting any problems, such as potholes or slips. These improvements are carried out with stop-and-go operation during the day, with the track only being fully open at night.

Starting this Friday (05), the recycling of the shoulders will begin, which will also be at the same level as the runway, requiring stop-and-go 24 hours a day in the sections that will be serviced, until the future release of the runway.

These services are a prerequisite for the execution of rigid concrete pavement slabs over the current flexible asphalt pavement, which now serves as another base layer. This technique is called whitetopping, and is used in more and more restoration works on state highways in Paraná, providing longer useful life, savings in maintenance costs and greater safety for users.

START – The forecast is to start concreting the highway from April 15th, if weather conditions are favorable. The first segment served is in the urban perimeter of Clevelândia, between the roundabouts with Avenida Nossa Senhora da Luz and Rua Crescêncio Martins, then continuing to Palmas, ending at the Codapar interchange.

Services will also be carried out for the implementation of water drainage devices, horizontal signage, vertical signage, geometry correction at level intersections and accesses, and other complementary services, such as planting grass and installing metal defenses. Completion is expected to take 360 ​​days.

ALTERNATIVES – With works underway on the highway, DER/PR recommends that users use alternative routes to avoid long waits and queues:

– SC-155, access via the Rincão interchange, following roads from Santa Catarina until returning to Paraná in Vitorino;

– PR-459 and PR-449 as a connection between Cleveland and Palmas, with part of the route on an unpaved highway.

PRC-280 – In addition to this work, governor Carlos Massa Ratinho Junior has already announced the continuation of the project with concrete paving as far as Pato Branco, within the same model. This lot covers the 37 kilometers of distance between the two cities in Southwest Paraná. The forecast is that, after the bidding is concluded, the contract will last 15 months, three for the preparation of the projects and 12 for the execution of the works.

The two stages are added to a previous one, of 60 kilometers, already completed between Palmas and Trevo Novo Horizonte, on access to BR-153. In total there will be 142 kilometers of concrete paving on PRC-280.

Source: PR Government

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