Amazonas purchased more than 2 thousand tons of family farming products in the first quarter


Amazonas purchased more than 2 thousand tons of family farming products in the first quarter

The Government of Amazonas, through the State Secretariat for Rural Production (Sepror), purchased in the first quarter of 2024, more than 2 thousand tons of food from rural producers in 50 municipalities in the state. The products were purchased through the Federal Government’s Food Acquisition Program (PAA).

In total, more than R$8.8 million were invested in resources for the direct purchase of approximately 70 family farming products, including vegetables, processed products, products of animal origin, fish and/or fish farming, from more than 850 rural producers , strengthening local production.


According to the secretary of Sepror, Daniel Borges, the Federal Government transferred an additional R$10 million to the Government of Amazonas, to expand the acquisition of food from family farming from rural producers in the state.

“This quarter we managed to acquire more than 2 thousand tons, and with this other resource of R$ 10 million, we can even reach 3 thousand tons. This is all to strengthen the family farmer who needs to sell and have a fairer price, and also to make donations to those people who need it most”, highlights Daniel.

The deliveries directly benefited more than 100,000 food insecure families registered in the 153 institutions. The PAA has stood out as an important program in promoting food security and supporting family farming in Amazonas, guaranteeing the livelihood of thousands of families.

Among the products purchased by the program, a wide variety of fruits and vegetables make up the list, including items such as pineapple, pumpkin, banana, sweet potato, mango, watermelon, cucumber, peppers and many others. The diversity of these foods enriches the tables of the families served, promoting healthy and sustainable eating habits.

About the PAA

The PPA, an initiative of the Federal Government, carried out in Amazonas by the State Government, through Sepror, aims to encourage local food production from family farming, through the purchase of products and allocating the food to meet the needs of food supplementation , of people who are at risk of social vulnerability and/or in a state of food and nutritional insecurity in the state.

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