MG announces new selection process with more than 400 vacancies

MG announces new selection process with more than 400 vacancies
MG announces new selection process with more than 400 vacancies

Remuneration can reach up to R$11,200 and candidates must be classified through two stages of testing; check more details

The Risoleta Tolentino Neves Hospital (HRTN), state of Minas Gerais, through the Research Development Foundation (Fundep), makes public the notice of the Selection Process aimed at selecting candidates to fill 469 vacancies and create a reserve register. The required education is elementary, secondary/technical or higher.

According to the notice, the vacancies available are for the following positions: Electrician (4); Hospital Engineering Maintenance Officer (5); Administrative Assistant (2); Billing Assistant(2); Personnel Assistant (1); Administrative Assistant (40); Warehouse Assistant (6); Pharmacy Assistant (5); Biller (3); Locksmith (1); Telephone operator (2); Systems Assistant (1); Surgical Instrumentator (3); Designer; Network and Systems Support (1); IT Technical Support (1); Nursing Technician (200); Electronic Maintenance Technician (3); Electromechanical Maintenance Technician (1); Nutrition and Dietetics Technician (2); Clinical Pathology Technician – Transfusion Agency (1); Clinical Pathology Technician – Clinical Analysis (7); Occupational Safety Technician (1); Occupational Nursing Technician; Network administrator; Continuing Education Analyst; Quality Analyst (1); Human Resources Analyst (2); Systems Analyst; Architect (1); Communication Assistant (1); Human Resources Assistant (1); Social Worker (7); Buyer (1); Full Stack Developer (1); Designer (1); Civil Engineer (2); Electrical Engineer (1); Laboratory Analyst – Transfusion Agency; Patient Safety Core Analyst (1); Dental Surgeon (1); Nurse (10); Nurse at Work (1); Maternity Nurse; Neonatology Nurse (1); Obstetric Nurse; Healthcare-Associated Infections Nurse (Scih); Intensive Care Nurse (2); Cardiovascular physiotherapist (1); Neonatology Physiotherapist; Physiotherapist Neurology (1); Adult Respiratory Physiotherapist (3); Speech therapist (1); Neonatology Speech Therapist (2); Clinical Nutritionist (2); Maternal and Child Nutritionist (1); Psychologist (2); Occupational Therapist (2); Maternal and Child Occupational Therapist; Doctor; Auditor Doctor; Horizontal Doctor / Intensive Care; Doctor on duty / Emergency (7); Doctor on duty / Anesthesiologist (15); Doctor on Duty / General Surgeon (10); Doctor on duty / Plastic Surgeon (8); Doctor on duty / Vascular Surgeon (10); Doctor on Duty/Clinician (10); Doctor on Duty/Clinician (10); Doctor on Duty / Echocardiographer (1); Physician on duty / Pediatric Echocardiographer; Doctor on Duty / Intensive Care Medicine (2); Doctor on Duty / Intensive Care Medicine (10); Doctor on duty / Endoscopist (1); Doctor on Duty / Occupational Medicine (1); Doctor on duty / Nephrologist (1); Doctor on duty / Neonatologist (3); Doctor on duty / Neurosurgeon (5); Doctor on duty / Neurologist; Physician on duty / Pediatric Neurologist; Doctor on duty / Obstetrician (5); Doctor on duty / Ophthalmologist (1); Doctor on duty / Orthopedist (15); Doctor on Duty / Maternity Pediatrician (1); Doctor on duty / Psychiatrist; Doctor on duty / Radiologist (5); Horizontal Doctor / Clinician (1); Doctor on duty / Gynecologist (5).

The remuneration for the position can vary between R$ 1,412.00 and R$ 19,227.21, and the professional must work 12 to 44 hours per week.

To register, interested parties must access the Gestão Concursos website between April 1, 2024 and May 7, 2024, until 5 pm. There is a fee between R$40.00 and R$180.00. The candidate who meets the required criteria can request payment exemption between April 1st and 3rd, 2024.

The classification stages will be divided into two: objective test, scheduled to take place on June 16, 2024, in Belo Horizonte; and proof of titles.

According to the notice, the program content will consist of questions relating to the subjects of Portuguese language, mathematics, general and specific knowledge, public health in Brazil, current affairs in health and ethics.

This Selection Process will be valid for one year, and may be extended once for the same period.

For more information, access the full notice on our website.

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