January records an 11.3% drop in fraud attempts


Paraná was the 4th state that recorded the highest number of cases

Miriam Villa

April 1, 2024 ,


Fraud attempts fell 11.3% in January, that is, a scam attack every 3.3 seconds in the country, totaling 811,723 incidents in the month. The data comes from the Serasa Experian Fraud Attempts Indicator.

Paraná was the 4th state that recorded the highest number of attempted crimes of this type at the beginning of this year. There were 61,819 occurrences, behind Minas Gerais (71 thousand), Rio de Janeiro (76 thousand) and São Paulo (230 thousand).

States in the Southeast and South led the first six positions in the ranking of regions with the highest incidence of crime. The annual variation revealed a drop in the number of coup incidents in all states, with emphasis on Rio Grande do Norte, Bahia and Espirito Santo.

In the highlights by sectors, “Banks and Cards” remained the favorite target of criminals for fraudulent attempts (50.8%), followed by “Services” (35.1%), “Finance” (9.6%), “Retail ” (3.3%) and “Telephony” (1.3%). In relation to age, citizens aged 36 to 50 were those who had the highest incidence of incidents (35.9%).

“Although the index fell in the month in question, it is crucial that companies remain vigilant against possible scams. In this sense, layered protection is the most recommended, as there is no single, infallible silver bullet against all types of fraud”, analyzes the Director of Authentication and Fraud Prevention at Serasa Experian, Caio Rocha.

See tips on how to avoid fraud below!

  • Ensure that your document, cell phone and cards are secure and have strong passwords to access applications;
  • Be wary of offers of products and services, such as travel, with prices well below the market;
  • At these times, it is common for cybercriminals to use the names of well-known stores to try to invade your computer. They use emails, SMS and website replicas to try to collect information and credit card details, passwords and personal information from the buyer;
  • Be careful with links and files shared in social media message groups. They can be malicious and lead to unsafe pages, which contaminate devices with commands to operate without the user noticing;
  • Register your Pix keys only on official bank channels, such as the banking app, Internet Banking or branches;
  • Do not provide passwords or access codes outside the bank’s website or application;
  • Do not make transfers to friends or relatives without confirming by phone call or in person that it really is the person in question, as the person’s contact details may have been cloned or falsified;
  • Only include your personal information and card details if you are sure that it is a secure environment;
  • Monitor your CPF frequently to ensure you have not been a victim of fraud.

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