Pet shop is ordered to pay R$10,000 to owner for death of puppy in Acre


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By Maria Fernanda Arival, ContilNet

The Special Civil Court of the District of Cruzeiro do Sul ordered a pet shop to pay R$10,000 for moral damages to the owner whose dog died after a water tank fell on top of the animal.

According to the TJAC, on May 18, 2023, according to the records, the animal’s owner contacted the establishment because her dog had ticks and needed a bath with medication. In the conversation, made via WhatsApp, the owner was informed that the dog would be delivered the next day and, therefore, needed to remain there for grooming and bathing.

Pet shop must pay owner R$10,000 for death of dog/Photo: Illustration/Freepik

When contacting the pet shop again, the following morning, the owner discovered that her dog had been crushed to death after a water tank collapsed. At this time, the owner was informed that the animals with ticks were placed in an external environment, so as not to infest the internal part.

After the accident, the animal’s owner requested the amount of R$10,000 for moral damages. In the process, the owner highlighted the emotional shock, due to living with the animal for more than 8 years.

Judge Rosilene de Santana accepted the owner’s request and ordered the pet shop to compensate the owner with the requested amount. According to the TJAC, the pet shop did not appear in court.

In the sentence, the judge understood that “the [clínica veterinária] defendant did not adopt the necessary precautions to maintain the physical integrity of the animal, due to the lack of adequate structure for the activity he carried out, allowing the dog to die while he was under his care”.

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