Competition in Bela Vista do Toldo SC has 16 vacancies for various levels


The Municipality of Bela Vista do Toldo, located in the state of Santa Catarina, has just announced the opening of two selection processes aimed at filling 16 vacancies for professionals at different levels of education. The opportunities are for temporary positions, covering a wide range of areas, from health to administration.

The vacancies are for ESF Nurse, ESF Nursing Technician, ESF General Clinical Doctor, Health Agent, Dentist, Dental Assistant, Psychologist, Physical Education Professional, Nutritionist, First Aid Driver – Emergency Vehicle Driver, among others. These positions are distributed between notices nº 005/2024 and nº 006/2024, meeting the different needs of the local public administration.

Remuneration for the positions varies from R$1,572.54 to R$22,326.77, with working hours that can range from 20 to 40 hours per week, depending on the specific position. To participate, candidates must have the training required for the desired position, which may vary between literacy, fundamental, secondary, technical and higher levels.

SEE NOTICE Nº005/2024
SEE NOTICE Nº006/2024


Those approved in the selection processes of the Municipality of Bela Vista do Toldo SC will receive salaries of up to R$ 22,326.77

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Find out how to apply

Interested parties must register in person, between April 1st and 3rd, directly at the Bela Vista do Toldo Municipal Health Department headquarters.

The selection process will include an objective test, scheduled to be held on April 13th. This test will last a maximum of three hours and will have 30 questions covering the Portuguese language, general knowledge and current affairs, as well as specific knowledge related to the position. Additionally, there will be a phase of testing titles and length of service, according to criteria detailed in the notices.

The selection processes will be valid for one year, and may be extended for an equal period, as required by the Municipality of Bela Vista do Toldo.

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