Abril Azul: Promoting Awareness about Autism in Mato Grosso :: Leiagora | Playagora

Abril Azul: Promoting Awareness about Autism in Mato Grosso :: Leiagora | Playagora
Abril Azul: Promoting Awareness about Autism in Mato Grosso :: Leiagora | Playagora
As First Lady of the State of Mato Grosso, I have the honor and commitment to raise the banner of inclusion and awareness regarding autism, especially in this month of April, dedicated to this very important cause.

“Blue April” not only reminds us of the need to understand and support people on the autism spectrum, but also inspires us to act towards a truly inclusive and respectful society.

One of the initiatives that we vehemently defend is the implementation of the Autistic Identification Card. This card, distributed free of charge, not only guarantees the rights of people with autism, but also offers an effective way to identify them in everyday situations.

We know that it is often difficult to tell at first glance that someone is autistic, and this barrier can hinder their access to priority care and services to which they are entitled. The card not only simplifies these people’s daily lives, but also makes them more accessible to society.

We are committed to issuing cards for people with autism. To date, around 6 thousand people have been registered, and the service continues at full steam. These cards play a crucial role in facilitating social interaction and ensuring that people’s needs are respected and met.

Another fundamental project is “Autism at School”, developed in partnership with the State Department of Education (Seduc), with the valuable support of Dr. Rica Rezende and her son, Dr. En Rezende, both tireless defenders of the cause of autism. Thanks to them, a booklet was created and implemented in state schools, and will soon also be available in municipal schools.

This initiative aims to raise awareness among educators and classmates, promoting a more welcoming and inclusive school environment for autistic students. We firmly believe that people with autism deserve to be fully included in society.

With this purpose in mind, in partnership with Senator Margareth Buzetti and the State Secretariat for Social Assistance and Citizenship (Setasc) and with the collaboration of Cuiab Esporte Clube, we were able to reserve a space at Arena Pantanal so that autistic people can enjoy the games in total comfort, in the company of a responsible person. In 2023, 144 people were drawn to participate in these events, and we will soon resume the draws.

And I could not fail to mention the important inauguration of the Sensory Room, held in 2021, at the Dom Aquino Corra Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center (Cridac). This room is a space dedicated to the comfort and sensory stimulation of people with autism, providing them with a welcoming and therapeutic environment.

In this “Blue April”, I reiterate my commitment and determination to promote a more inclusive and empathetic society, where all people, regardless of their differences, are valued and respected. Together, we can build a world where autism is not only understood, but celebrated for its diversity and uniqueness.

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