Application deliverers strike to demand improvements in the sector | Rio de Janeiro

Application deliverers strike to demand improvements in the sector | Rio de Janeiro
Application deliverers strike to demand improvements in the sector | Rio de Janeiro

Motorcyclists join the Ifood strike in the city of Rio this Easter Sunday (31) – Reproduction

Motorcyclists join the Ifood strike in the city of Rio this Easter Sunday (31)reproduction

Published 03/31/2024 19:29 | Updated 03/31/2024 19:34

Rio – Ifood delivery workers held a strike this Easter Sunday (31), in the city of Rio, in favor of improvements for the category. On social media, there were complaints from consumers about orders that arrived damaged during the strike.

To the DAY, cyclist Tassiano Alves, from Associação União Motoboy e Bike (UMB), highlighted that the main demands of the act are related to the minimum delivery value and the destination chosen by the platform for each mode. According to him, Ifood sends short rides to motorcyclists and long rides to cyclists with the aim of paying less to delivery people.

“The main reason for the stoppage is the rate, which is out of date and is the minimum amount you will receive. They want to increase it once again, for another year, just 50 cents. Currently, it is R$6.50 per delivery. For the bicycles, at least, it’s this heat, but they are sending deliveries of 3 km and 4 km, charging R$ 6.80 and R$ 7, when these deliveries should be for the motorcycle. Deliveries of 1 km and 1, They are sending 5 km to motorcyclists so they can also pay R$6.50. They want to save money on both sides,” he said.

In addition to these complaints, the class also calls for the end of the dual route; payment in full in case of cancellation; space for lunch, rest, charging the phone and bathroom; end of waiting for the order to be prepared (call only when the order is ready); support with legal advice in cases of violence between delivery or collection; sound alert on the phone when the delivery person arrives at the address provided; messages to the customer that the delivery person is not obliged to come to the apartment; among other demands.

On social media, some delivery drivers said they did not join. However, those who continued working received complaints about order violations. A customer posted photos in a Facebook group aimed at residents of Tijuca, showing a crumpled cake and saying that a delivery man had turned over the product.

For Tassiano, this unfortunately can happen. The cyclist highlighted that there is still disunity among the class, but that the majority of delivery drivers work to ensure that such attitudes stop occurring.

“Unfortunately, the kids here in Rio still have this disunity. I have hope and faith that there will be unity in the very near future, but so far a lot of this is still happening. The guys, unfortunately, are not completely united and that gets in the way. This It discourages even those who stop and those who support. Here in Rio it’s complicated, but we’re trying. There are some people who don’t want to stop and it can happen that some delivery drivers tear or spill the order. We don’t have much control over this, But we need to raise awareness,” he commented.

The delivery man highlighted that establishments in Vila Isabel, Tijuca, Del Castilho, all in the North Zone, stores in Leblon and Gávea, in the South Zone, and units in Campo Grande, Barra da Tijuca and Recreio, supported the strike.

Behind Shopping Tijuca, a traditional concentration point, there was a gathering of delivery people without any disturbance or call via 190 for the Military Police.

What does Ifood say?

In a statement, the company informed that it respects the peaceful demonstration of delivery drivers and highlighted that, since 2019, it has been working on building conversation spaces for improvements. In relation to the violated orders, Ifood said that it repudiates any misconduct. Check out the full note:

“iFood respects the right to peaceful demonstration and free expression of delivery drivers. Since 2019, we have worked on building recurring and permanent spaces for listening and constant improvement. As a Brazilian company and aware of its role in generating opportunities, we have dedicated ourselves to creation of a solid and permanent agenda of dialogue with workers and representatives of the category to improve initiatives that guarantee more dignity, gains and more transparency for these professionals. Regarding the records of violated orders, the company emphasizes that it repudiates any misconduct that violate the platform’s Terms and Conditions of Use.”

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