Rivaldo Barbosa is the fourth former head of Rio’s Civil Police arrested since 2008 | Rio de Janeiro

Rivaldo Barbosa is the fourth former head of Rio’s Civil Police arrested since 2008 | Rio de Janeiro
Rivaldo Barbosa is the fourth former head of Rio’s Civil Police arrested since 2008 | Rio de Janeiro

Former head of Rio’s Civil Police, delegate Rivaldo Barbosa – Fernando Frazão/Agência Brasil

Former head of Rio’s Civil Police, delegate Rivaldo BarbosaFernando Frazão/Agência Brasil

Published 03/25/2024 17:26 | Updated 03/25/2024 21:04

Rio – Suspected of “meticulously” planning the murder of Marielle Franco and Anderson Gomes and preventing investigations from reaching the names of Chiquinho and Domingos Brazão, identified as masterminds of the crime, police chief Rivaldo Barbosa was arrested this Sunday (24), in his house in a condominium in Jacarepaguá, in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro. He became the fourth former head of the Rio Civil Police arrested since 2008. In addition to him, Álvaro Lins, Ricardo Hallak and Allan Turnowski were also arrested.

Rivaldo took over as head of the Civil Police on the eve of the attack against Marielle, on March 13, 2018, appointed by the then federal interventionist for Public Security in Rio de Janeiro, General Walter Braga Netto. He remained in office until the last day of Luiz Fernando Pezão’s term, December 31 of the same year. The intervention ended four days earlier.

Álvaro Lins

Before Barbosa, another former head of the Civil Police who faced serious accusations was Álvaro Lins. Lins, who held the position during Anthony Garotinho’s government (1999-2002), was arrested in 2008 in the act by the Federal Police, accused of continued crime. According to the PF, he had received bribes from organized crime and, with this money, bought the apartment where he lived, thus making the act possible.

At the time, he was a state deputy. One day after being arrested, Alerj, after consulting its members, revoked the arrest. On August 12 of the same year, the Legislative House decided, in a secret plenary vote, to definitively remove him for breach of parliamentary decorum.

Ricardo Hallak

Also in 2008, Ricardo Hallak was arrested by the Federal Police in Operation Public Security S/A. The delegate was accused of corruption, gang formation and money laundering, in crimes that were committed during the period in which he headed the State Civil Police in 2006, during the government of Rosinha Garotinho.

According to the Federal Public Ministry’s complaint, Hallak was part of a criminal organization focused on exploiting the animal game in the city of Rio de Janeiro, in which former governor Anthony Garotinho and the former head of the Civil Police were also involved. and former state deputy Álvaro Lins.

In the first instance, Ricardo Hallak was sentenced to five years and nine months in prison for passive corruption. After appealing the decision, the TRF-2 reduced the sentence to four years and six months in prison. Before becoming head of the Civil Police, Hallak commanded the specialized police stations for Combating Cargo Theft and Organized Crime (Draco).

Hallak died last year after suffering a stroke.

Allan Turnowski

Allan Turnowski faced legal problems in 2022. He was arrested by the Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro under allegations of involvement with a criminal organization and participation in activities related to Jogo do Bicho. Turnowski left office that year to run for a position as federal deputy for the PL.

According to investigations, he received bribes from Jogo do Bicho and was involved in a plan to murder bicheiro Rogério Andrade. However, less than a month later, he was released by decision of Minister Nunes Marques, of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), through precautionary measures – such as not accessing police offices. The investigation into the case is ongoing by the Public Ministry of Rio.

In a statement, the defense of former secretary Dr. Allan Turnowski reinforced “his complete innocence of all
the unfair accusations that were arbitrarily and frivolously made.”

“It should be remembered that the Federal Supreme Court recognized the illegality of the detention ordered, recognizing the absolute lack of evidence that could include him in the criminal action”, said the defense.

Civil Police demonstrate

In a statement, the State Secretariat of Civil Police (Sepol) said that, “through three delegates from the Undersecretariat of Intelligence (Ssinte), it monitored the operation on Sunday, and the institution’s General Inspectorate (CGPOL) immediately instituted investigation to investigate Rivaldo’s conduct”.

See the note in full

It is worth reinforcing that one of the commitments of the current management of the Civil Police is the strengthening of the CGPOL – which has been carried out since the first days –, giving greater autonomy in its investigations, to hold responsible any misconduct or illicit act with the rigor of the law .

Sepol also highlights that, at the end of last year, the current management created a working group in the General Department of Homicide and Personal Protection (DGHPP), to analyze homicide investigations that are still unsolved and those that may occur, related to to organized crime on its main areas of activity: militia, trafficking and misdemeanors; reinforcing its commitment to fighting crime in defense of society.

The Civil Police emphasizes that, right at the beginning of the current administration, there was a meeting with the Special Action Group for Combating Organized Crime (Gaeco) of the Public Ministry, in which homicides that should be dealt with were listed, by mutual agreement. with special attention, since investigations pointed to crimes committed by these criminal organizations. Joint work between the institutions continues so that the cases are completely elucidated and those involved are held accountable.

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