Server records sex with colleague inside secretariat in Mato Grosso; See video


(Photo: Reproduction)- The man was exonerated, while the author of the video will respond to an investigation.

A video went viral on social media this Thursday (15), in which two employees of the Municipal Department of Education of Brasnorte (579 km from Cuiabá) appear to be having sex.

The city hall commented on the case and announced the measures. The man, who is just a contractor, was dismissed, while the woman, a public servant, will face an Administrative Process.

The images were published by ‘Portal Juína Mais’. According to the report, the videos were recorded by the server itself.

According to the Secretary of Education, Jonathan Ferreira de Melo, the employee involved had access to the department due to his connection.

After the images were circulated, the employee was immediately dismissed from the department. As for the civil servant, who is a public servant, it was necessary to initiate an internal inquiry to assess the appropriate disciplinary measures to be taken.

Those involved did not have their names released.

Watch the video:

Source: Source: J1 and Published By: Jornal Folha do Progresso on 15/02/2024/18:20:29

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