What to expect from Brazil’s most competitive real estate market in SC in 2024


The year 2023 was one of expansion and strengthening of the real estate market in Santa Catarina. In addition to Balneário Camboriú, which has been the star of the sector for years, neighboring Itapema and Porto Belo recorded impressive results, even surpassing the state giant.

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Leaving the North Coast, in Greater Florianópolis the highlight was São José, which ended the year as the Brazilian city with the highest appreciation in property prices, according to the FipeZap Index. However, in relation to total sales, Itapema, Porto Belo and Balneário Camboriú take the lead. Together, in 2023, the three municipalities totaled R$10.8 billion in property sales, which highlights the increasing demand for properties in the area.

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For 2024, interest in the region should continue to rise. According to Dagoberto Fagundes, Director of Operations at DWV, a platform that brings together medium and high-end properties across the country, expectations for the Santa Catarina real estate market in 2024, especially on the North Coast, are optimistic, and should follow the trend of growth observed in recent years.

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– The North Coast continues to be a real magnet for investors. The construction of large projects in the region reinforces the idea that evolution and high standards gain even more prominence. The confidence in the continued growth of this sector throughout the year is palpable, reflecting the solidity and promise of success for those investing in the region – says Fagundes.

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There is no shortage of available properties. Currently, Itapema, Curitiba (PR), Porto Belo and Itajaí are the cities with the largest number of units for sale, registered on the DWV app. For those who would like to have neighbors like Alexandre Pires and Neymar, the so-called little princess of Costa Smeralda has the most options. Today, Itapema has 8,871 properties available for sale, which is equivalent to more than R$11 billion. Next, Curitiba appears with 8,254 units, and a total of R$8 billion, Porto Belo with 5,259 properties, which represents more than R$7 billion, and Itajaí where 3,444 can be sold, which adds up to R$4 billion.

Balneário Camboriú appears a little behind in the survey due to the smaller supply of available properties, but remains among the first due to the high unit value. The 1,538 units total R$6.4 billion.

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But these numbers are expected to increase. Only Neoprime Empreendimentos, a construction company located in Itapema, is expected to begin construction of Urban Diamond, in the Morretes neighborhood, in the coming months, which will have two towers and a total of 120 apartments. In addition to this, the developer plans to launch, in the first half of this year, at least five new projects. Among the launches are Life Dreams, located in Jardim Praiamar, with 90 apartments, another project in Morretes with around 75 units with two suites, and more exclusive developments such as the one that will be built on Avenida Manoel Jaques, in Porto Belo, with just 32 units, with 3 suites and 120 square meters of private space.

See images of the new development in Itapema

Internal detail of the Urban Diamond project, in Itapema (Photo: Disclosure)


External detail of the Urban Diamond project, in Itapema (Photo: Disclosure)

real estate-entrepreneur-itapema-coluna-dagmara-spautz-3

Projection of the Urban Diamond building, in Itapema (Photo: Disclosure)

real estate-entrepreneur-itapema-coluna-dagmara-spautz-4

Projection of the Urban Diamond building, in Itapema (Photo: Disclosure)

real estate-entrepreneur-itapema-coluna-dagmara-spautz-5

Today, Itapema has 8,871 properties available for sale, which is equivalent to more than R$11 billion (Photo: Patrick Rodrigues, Arquivo Santa)

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The company is also planning two high-end launches, one in the center of Itapema, 160 meters from the beach, with 22 apartments, one per floor, with 120 square meters, or a duplex with 240 square meters, and another residential in the Ilhota neighborhood, approximately 120 meters from the beach, and a total of 38 properties. In other words, the construction company alone should soon make more than 250 new units available.

– We still have a lot of room to grow, with specific areas and neighborhoods of Itapema to be developed in all aspects. Porto Belo has also been standing out with the same intensity, where we see civil construction thriving every day and encouraging Bombinhas to follow the same path – says Rodrigo Passos Silva, CEO of Neoprime and president of Sinduscon de Itapema.

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