Woman vandalizes store in Bahia and insults Jewish owner: “Murderer”


Video shows person being restrained and taken outside the establishment; businesswoman was also called a “damn Zionist”

The Civil Police of Bahia opened an investigation to investigate a possible act of anti-Semitism in Arraial d’Ajuda, in Porto Seguro (BA). Video circulating on social media shows an unidentified woman vandalizing a store and calling the person filming the scene a “child killer” It is “damn Zionist”. She is restrained by 3 men and taken out of the establishment.

The attack took place on Friday (2.Feb.2024).

Watch the video (2min):

The person filming and being offended by the woman is Bertha Breslauer. She is the owner of the vandalized establishment in Arraial d’Ajuda. While being insulted, she says she is Jewish and calls the attacker an anti-Semite. “Look what an anti-Semite did in my store, I’m shaking, the crazy woman came into my store shouting about me being Jewish”says Breslauer in the video.

The police investigate crimes of racism, threats, damage and bodily harm. He also said that he is taking steps to try to identify who the woman appears in the images is. Read the full statement (PDF – 39 kB).

Breaslauer filed a police report and recorded a video afterward. He said that the attacker vandalized his store and attacked her because she was Jewish: “She said I’m a child killer, I don’t kill or kill mosquitoes. She said she will come and get me just because I am Jewish”.

Watch the video (1min19s):


Conib (Confederação Israelita do Brasil) and Sociedade Israelita da Bahia lamented the case and asked for punishment: “A cowardly, anti-Semitic attack that must be investigated as a hate crime and followed by due legal process”.

Read the full note:

“Conib and the Sociedade Israelita da Bahia denounce the disgusting attack against a Jewish shopkeeper in Arraial da Ajuda, Bahia, for the simple fact that she is Jewish. A cowardly, anti-Semitic attack that must be investigated as a hate crime and follow due legal process. Conib has been asking our leaders for moderation and balance so as not to ignore the tragic conflict underway in the Middle East. Anti-Semitism must be condemned by everyone, and its explosion in recent months here in Brazil and around the world is a consequence of hateful and distorted views about Israel and Jews expressed by personalities and distributed through social media. This needs to end to avoid even more serious consequences.”


The videos were widely shared on social media. On X (formerly Twitter), the term “Nazi” entered the most talked about topics. At 4:16 pm this Saturday (Feb 3), 9,820 publications had already mentioned the term.

Politicians and power figures also spoke out. Read below:

  • Alexandre Schwartsman – economist and former director of the Central Bank:

The article is in Portuguese


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