Equipped with investments of R$7.7 million, Lacen expanded services and streamlined analysis and research

The Central Laboratory of Mato Grosso (Lacen-MT), managed by the State Department of Health (SES-MT), received more than R$7.7 million in investments to acquire equipment between 2019 and 2023. New equipment made analysis possible of 827.6 thousand samples sent by the state’s 142 municipalities and also the expansion of services offered by the unit.

The Secretary of State for Health, Gilberto Figueiredo, highlighted the importance of Lacen for Public Health in Mato Grosso. He recalled the laboratory’s most recent discovery, which sequenced and identified a new subvariant of Covid-19 in the State, JN 2.5, which is a variation of Ômicron. This was the first record of the subvariant in Brazil.

“We strengthen Lacen for agile and quality work. Previously, the laboratory did not have equipment for this type of analysis, but we acquired equipment and provided a more modern and spacious space to strengthen the sector’s actions, as research data plays a fundamental role in supporting public health strategies, allowing the tracking of outbreaks and the evaluation of the effectiveness of control measures”, assessed the manager.

Over the last five years, the institution has acquired more than 30 pieces of equipment aimed at expanding services, modernizing and streamlining processes already carried out on site.

Among the equipment acquired are a new generation genetic analyzer; automatic nucleic acid extractor and purifier; Covid DNA and RNA extraction and purification; thermocycler; incubator greenhouse for monitoring the level of dissolved oxygen in water samples; digital clinical centrifuge; modular systems; ultrafreezer -80ºC with a capacity of 549 liters; automated equipment for identification and antibiogram of bacteria and yeasts; identification and antibiogram equipment for microbacteria and fully automated equipment for chemiluminescence methodology.

“We have the expertise to deliver timely and accurate diagnoses to society, enabling measures to be taken quickly in specific cases, considering that, in the national reference, it would take days, thus making any immediate and necessary decision-making to preserve life unfeasible,” he added. the deputy secretary of Surveillance and Health Care at SES, Juliano Melo.

Satisfied with the historic improvements made to the laboratory, the unit’s director, Elaine Cristina de Oliveira, said that the new equipment, added to the technical capacity of the team, resulted in improvements to the site’s services.

“Today we have 20 new services and projects. We work to meet all public health needs in Mato Grosso. To achieve this, we count on the dedication of each server who is vigilant throughout the day. I am grateful for the commitment and partnership of Lacen workers and also for the investments that management has made, as without this support we would not have progressed with the actions”, concluded the director.

Services and projects

Between 2019 and 2023, genetic sequencing services for Covid-19, dengue and influenza, DNA for paternity identification, analysis for monkeypox, PCR for yellow fever, entomology with taxonomic identification and entomological survey, molecular biology for testing arboviruses were increased , in addition to identification and bacteriology sensitivity testing.

Lacen also participates in several projects, such as Expanded Navigation for Intensive and Optimized Surveillance (Navio), in which it navigates riverside communities to carry out genomic monitoring. The work is carried out in conjunction with the team from the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation of Minas Gerais, the Brazilian Navy and the SES of Mato Grosso do Sul. The initiative was created by the doctoral researcher, Luiz Alcantara, and expands the work already carried out by the Brazilian Navy in the aforementioned populations.

Lacen is also part of the Solid Waste Management, VigeCoV2 and Crédito Lacen-MT projects.

New place

Soon, the unit will gain a new, much larger and more modern headquarters. The new structure receives a financial contribution of R$18.1 million and is being built in an annex to the Central Hospital, in the Administrative Political Center, in Cuiabá.

The work is 98% complete and covers 2,259.32 m² in a conventional structure with reinforced concrete, masonry and a metal structure roof.
Currently, Lacen is located in a building located at Rua Guadalajara, no. 272, in the Jardim das Américas neighborhood.

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