Clube de Alagoas hires Parreira’s nephew to be coach

Clube de Alagoas hires Parreira’s nephew to be coach
Clube de Alagoas hires Parreira’s nephew to be coach

Carlos Eduardo Parreira worked with his uncle in the South African National Team and will take over the CSE after a long international experience

3 Feb
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Photo: Disclosure – Caption: Carlos Parreira worked with his most famous uncle on the South African national team in 2010 – / Jogada10

It’s Carlos, it’s Parreira, but it’s not him. In fact, he’s his nephew. This Friday (2), the CSE of Palmeira dos Índios, in Alagoas, announced the hiring of Carlos Eduardo Parreira as coach. The professional is the nephew of Carlos Alberto Parreira, four-time world champion coach with the Brazilian team in 1994.

Carlos Eduardo’s career is still not as long or successful as his uncle’s. However, it cannot be said that he did not travel the world. After working as an assistant at Bangu and Fluminense, he was with Parreira in the South African national team. He then played in Malaysia, China and the United Arab Emirates, all without being head of the technical committee.

Parreira’s contract with the CSE runs until the end of this year

As a coach, Carlos Parreira worked at Las Vegas United, in the United States, Chiangrai United and Chiangmai, both in Thailand. In this country, in 2020, he also coached Khon Kaen United. The four-time world champion’s nephew’s last club was Al-Qaisoma, from Saudi Arabia. However, the numbers were bad: one victory in ten matches. The link with the club from Alagoas, in principle, lasts until the end of the season.

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