Body of brutally assaulted young man will be buried this Sunday


The body of Samuel Lopes Alencar (featured photo), 18 years old, will be buried this Sunday (4/1) at the Campo da Esperança Cemetery, in Taguatinga Norte. The young man was brutally attacked at the door of a hotel on Avenida Hélio Prates, on January 28th. The wake is scheduled for 1:30 pm, and the burial takes place at 4 pm.

In videos captured by local business security cameras, it is possible to see that the young man is walking down the street when a car approaches Samuel and he goes to see what it is. Then, a man gets out of the vehicle and begins beating the boy.

See the images:

The images show Samuel trying to defend himself and being knocked down by the attacker. Another man appears on the scene and kicks the victim. Then, a third suspect appears and stomps on the boy’s head.

You can still see in the images the young man lying on the street, unconscious. A few seconds later, other pedestrians approach Samuel and try to help.


The lynching took place on Sunday morning (28/1), outside a hotel on Avenida Hélio Prates. Samuel received punches, kicks and was even stamped on. He was confirmed brain dead this Thursday (1/2).

photo young man attacked3

Young man is attacked

photo young man attacked

Young man is attacked in the middle of the street

Video frame shows moment in which young man is left unconscious in the middle of the street
photo young man attacked2

Samuel is left unconscious after being beaten

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The main attacker, a 25-year-old man, was identified in the images and arrested on Monday (29/1), for attempted murder. Another teenager suspected of participating in the brutal attack was located and taken to the Children and Adolescents Police Station 2 (DCA 2).

The suspect Igor Ferreira da Silva, 18 years old, is on the run. His brother was arrested on Friday (2/2) for threatening witnesses.

According to one of the suspects of beating and killing the young man, the crime would have occurred due to an argument over one of the attackers’ bicycle. The object was damaged before a fight broke out in a nearby square.

The investigation is carried out by the 17th Police Station (Taguatinga).

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