The Gazette | Prisons in ES are the target of national action against cell phones with inmates


Coordinated by the Ministry of Justice, the operation in the State took place in four units in Greater Vitória; over 4 days, more than 500 cells and 3 thousand inmates were searched

Published on February 3, 2024 at 10:08

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Operation Mute was a national action with the aim of eliminating illegal communication in the country’s prisons. (Disclosure/Sejus)

Prisons in ES are the target of national action against cell phones with inmates

A national action was carried out by 239 criminal police officers from Espírito Santo in four prisons in Greater Vitória with the aim of combating the use of cell phones in penitentiaries and detention centers across the country. During the Operation Mutewhose 3rd phase began on Tuesday (30) and lasted until Friday (2), 519 cells and 3,627 inmates were searched in the Serra Provisional Detention Center (CDPS) and in the Xuri Complex, targeting the Semi-Open Penitentiary Vila Velha (PSVV), Vila Velha State Penitentiary 2 (PEVV2) and the Vila Velha Provisional Detention Center (CDPVV).

According to the State Department of Justice (Sesjus), no cell phones were found in prison units during the third phase of Operation Mute. The representative of the National Secretariat for Penal Policies (Senappen), Leandro de Oliveira Carrilho, said that another three thousand devices had already been seized in other states during the operation.

“We did not find cell phones, weapons or drugs in penal institutions in Espírito Santo. A different reality from other states in the country. In 27 federative units, more than three thousand cell phones have already been seized, in all phases of the operation.”, highlighted Carrilho, who is also a federal criminal police officer and followed the operation in Espírito Santo.

About the operation

The first and second phases of Operation Mute were carried out in October and December last year, when no cell phones were found in the Espírito Santo units. According to the general director of the Espírito Santo Penal Police, José Franco Morais Júnior, the result of the operation reflects the efficiency of the Espírito Santo prison system.

“We have criminal police prepared and qualified to take care of the Espírito Santo prison system. The result of Operation Mute only reinforces the control and organization of prison units in Espírito Santo. Restricting any form of communication within prisons with the external environment is an important contribution to public safety and the reduction of violence”, stated Morais Júnior.

According to the Department of Justice, in addition to the operation carried out, the Criminal Police’s daily conduct and procedure is to prevent the entry of illicit materials into the units, with searches carried out in cells routinely and during the entry of visitors.

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