Woman is admitted for collarbone surgery, but has uterus removed


02/03/2024 10:03, updated 02/03/2024 13:44

A 42-year-old woman was admitted to hospital and admitted for collarbone surgery, but upon waking up, she discovered that her uterus had been removed. The case occurred on Ilha do Marajó, in Pará, on January 24.

According to the G1 portal, the patient’s name is Rosangela Pureza Cavalcante. She was admitted to the Public Regional Hospital of Marajó to undergo surgery on her collarbone after a traffic accident.

The hospitalization began on January 18th, and Rosangela reports that she was being accompanied by relatives. On the day of the surgery, however, the health unit prohibited family members from attending the procedure.

The woman says she was anesthetized and, when she woke up, she put her hand on her stomach and felt pain. She realized that her collarbone had not been operated on, but that she had undergone surgery on her uterus.

On the website, the patient said that a doctor arrived at the scene and reported that a “mistake” had occurred. Rosangela’s identification would have been changed with that of another patient identified as Maria, who would have her uterus removed.


According to Rosângela, the doctor even tried to convince her that she would not suffer any health problems due to the surgery. “I see this situation and it is very difficult for me. I feel angry, because they practically stopped my life”, the patient told the portal.

Admitted again

Rosângela returned to the hospital on January 25 to undergo surgery on her collarbone. She was discharged on January 27th.

Wanted by Metropolisesthe Pará Health Department reported that the professionals involved in the case were removed and that the victim’s family is receiving “support, with multidisciplinary care and outpatient follow-up”.

The agency also stated that the case will be investigated. “The State Secretariat of Public Health of Pará (Sespa) informs that the professionals involved in the episode have been temporarily removed and that it is investigating the case with the Social Health Organization (OSS) that manages the hospital”, informed the secretariat.

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