SC reduces waiting times and advances cancer treatment | Health

SC reduces waiting times and advances cancer treatment | Health
SC reduces waiting times and advances cancer treatment | Health

February 4th is World Cancer Day and Santa Catarina continues to prioritize cancer patients. The State Government has expanded services with different fronts of action, through the work carried out by the State Department of Health (SES), more than 70% of patients undergo oncological surgery within 60 days, according to legislation.

The objective is for this period to be guaranteed for 100% of patients. “Whoever has cancer is in a hurry. We know how fundamental it is to start treatment quickly in cases of cancer. The creation of laws that guarantee access to exams within 30 days and treatment within 60 days comes to save lives and we are determined to enforce these deadlines in our State”, emphasizes the Secretary of State for Health, Carmen Zanotto.

Strategies to advance access to treatment began in 2023 with the prioritization of cancer patients within the regulatory system, removing them from the queues for elective surgeries and listing them as time-sensitive surgeries. Another action was the implementation of the State Policy for Oncology Patients.

On another front, there was also an increase in incentives for hospitals to carry out procedures. With the launch of the Hospital Valorization Program and the Catarinense Table, since January this year, hospitals that meet the target of 60 days to start treatment will be able to receive up to double the value for the procedure performed.

Advances are demonstrated in data. In 2022, more than half of patients (51.5%) faced a wait of more than 60 days to start treatment. In 2023, this percentage was reduced to 29.7%. Furthermore, in 2022 9,088 were carried out and in 2023 the number was increased to 10,992. Currently, 21 health units are authorized to treat cancer patients, 8 of which offer radiotherapy services.

For children and adolescent patients, Santa Catarina achieved the desired goal. With three oncology services for the treatment of children and adolescents through the Unified Health System (SUS), one at Hospital Infantil Joana de Gusmão (HIJG), in Florianópolis, Hospital Jeser Amarante Faria, in Joinville, and Hospital Santo Antônio, in Blumenau, these patients begin treatment immediately.

Law 12,732/12 – determines that treatment must be carried out within 60 days after diagnosis

13,896/19 – guarantees patients in the Unified Health System (SUS) with suspected cancer the right to undergo examinations within a maximum period of 30 days.

Law 14,758/23 – Establishes the National Cancer Prevention and Control Policy within the scope of the Unified Health System (SUS) and the National Navigation Program for People Diagnosed with Cancer; and amends Law No. 8,080, of September 19, 1990 (Organic Health Law).

Services enabled in SC

Terezinha Gaio Basso Regional Hospital – São Miguel do Oeste
Leonir Vargas Ferreira Hospital – Chapecó
Santa Terezinha University Hospital – Joaçaba
Hospital Nossa Senhora da Conceição – Tubarão
São José Hospital – Criciúma
Alto Vale Regional Hospital – Rio do Sul
Santa Isabel Hospital – Blumenau
Santo Antônio Hospital – Blumenau
Hosp. and Mat. Marieta Konder Bornhausen – Itajaí
Sagrada Família Hospital and Maternity – São Bento do Sul
São Braz Charity Hospital – Porto União
São José Municipal Hospital – Joinville
Hosp. Jeser A. Faria Maternity and Child Care Center – Joinville
São José Hospital – Jaraguá do Sul
Tereza Ramos General Hospital and Maternity – Lages
Charity Hospital – Florianópolis
Joana de Gusmão Children’s Hospital – Florianópolis
Governor Celso Ramos Hospital – Florianópolis
Carmela Dutra Maternity Hospital – Florianópolis
University Hospital – Florianópolis
CEPON – Florianópolis

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