More than 80 blocks parade in Rio the weekend before carnival


More than 80 official street blocks (authorized by the city hall) parade or perform in the city of Rio de Janeiro this weekend, the last one before Carnival. According to the official schedule released by the city hall, there are 49 blocks this Saturday (3).

Early in the morning, thousands of revelers were divided between Céu na Terra, which has been parading, since 2001, with traditional marches through the streets of Santa Teresa, in the south zone, and Chora Me Liga, a country group created in 2010 that came out in City center.

Céu na Terra was the first block of the year for student João Miranda, aged 23. “It’s one of the traditional blocks. It’s crowded, but it’s cool to see the party, to see happy people, having fun, with good music,” he says.

Dressed in a bee costume, the bitch of the breed rottweiler Nutella was an attraction in itself on the streets of Santa Teresa. “It’s her second year. This year she took care of her costume, because that way she gets affection [das pessoas]. When she heard the sound of the block, she was already excited at home to come,” said engineer Daniela Manger, a resident of the neighborhood.

For cariocas and tourists who didn’t wake up as early as João and Nutella, however, almost 40 blocks are planned for this Saturday afternoon, including Simpatia É Qualidade Amor, which parades, starting at 2pm, through the streets of Ipanema, in the south zone of the city.

There are also parades and presentations in the Center and in other neighborhoods in the south zone (such as Copacabana and Botafogo) and in the north zones (such as Tijuca, Ilha do Governador, Ramos, Abolição and Irajá) and west (such as Jardim Sulacap, Sepetiba and Barra da Tijuca ).

In the Maracanã neighborhood, in the north, for example, there is Põe na Quentinha?, founded by photographer Berg Silva, which celebrates, standing still, in Praça Niterói, from 2pm. This year, the group will dedicate itself to collecting books and non-perishable food, to benefit the population of Morro dos Macacos, in Vila Isabel.

Gallery: Bloco Céu na Terra, by Tomaz Silva/Agência Brasil


On Sunday (4), another 34 official blocks are planned, in several Rio neighborhoods. Early in the morning, there are already blocks in the city center, such as Bloco da Favorita, Cordão do Boitatá and Fogo e Paixão, all starting between 7am and 8am.

“On the eve of another parade by the brega block Fogo e Paixão, the butterflies in the stomach contrast with the heat that always dominates Largo de São Francisco de Paula. We will certainly be very happy this Sunday and you can bet that there will be no lack of shine!”, says Pedro Martins, one of the organizers of Fogo e Paixão, which debuted at Carnival in 2011.

“The block is tacky”, he summed up Brazil Agency another organizer of Fogo e Paixão, João Marcelo Oliveira. “We are a cheesy music block; our look is tacky. The repertoire is cheesy. The cheesier, the better. We love cheesy.”

The songs played are those of the great brega icons, such as Sidney Magal, Reginaldo Rossi, Rosana, Fagner. “Our godfather is Wando”. But the block plays the most current cheesy songs too. “The sufferings, the funks more cheesy songs also enter the repertoire. We are lucky to have chosen a theme that continues to produce material.”

João Marcelo stated that the block made a point of mischaracterizing the word brega as it was used in a pejorative way. “Tacky, for us, is not bad. For us, tacky is too much. It’s too much suffering, too much color. It’s an excess of joy, fire, passion. For us, that’s what’s tacky.” Fogo & Paixão’s drums are called Sem Limite and are made up of 140 members, as well as two singers, two wind players and a guitarist. The production and support team has between 25 and 30 people.

Still on Sunday morning, there is Suvaco de Cristo (in Jardim Botânico), the children’s Gigantes da Lira (in Laranjeiras) and Empolga at 9am (in Ipanema), all in the south zone. Throughout the day there will be parades and presentations in other neighborhoods such as Méier, Grajaú, São Cristóvão and Engenho de Dentro (in the north zone), as well as Vila Valqueire and Bangu (in the west zone).

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