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Taking Amazonian culture to another level demands the talent of local artists and the support of the State Government. Recently, the sister-in-law of Boi Garantido, Isabelle Nogueira, who is participating in a national reality show, stood out when talking about the Parintins Festival, which is supported by the state. With Amazonas in the spotlight, discover other artists who deserve your attention.

Cleia Santos – Dancer

In 2024, Rio de Janeiro Carnival will be brightened up with the performance of an Amazonian woman at Marquês de Sapucaí. At 26 years old, dancer Cleia Santos, a member of the Corpo de Dança do Amazonas (CDA), will be part of the front committee of the Acadêmicos do Salgueiro samba school, which will carry the theme “Hutukara”, extolling the indigenous Yanomami people.

But to reach this level of recognition, the dancer faced many obstacles. At the age of 5, Cleia decided to follow the path of dance, watching Daiane dos Santos’ performances. Over time, she was directed towards ballet, where she stood out and, at the age of 15, joined the Amazonas Dance Corps (CDA).

The support of the Government of Amazonas was fundamental in the dancer’s rehearsals and presentations process. “I think it’s very important for us to have this support from the Government. As a dancer at the Amazonas Dance Corps, the help is very rewarding. This is the first time I have seen so many Amazonian artists standing out together, representing our regionality and ancestry”, said the dancer, Cleia Santos.

Taciano Soares – Professor at UEA, actor and director of Ateliê 23

PHOTOS: Antônio Lima and Arthur Castro/Secom

At the helm of one of the most talked about shows in the artistic world, entitled Cabaré Chinelo, Taciano Soares also takes on an important role behind the curtains: that of Theater teacher at Esat/UEA. Excited, he explains the importance of the State fostering new talents through training professionals in the market.

“State support is essential. I see this, for example, in the Theater course at UEA, where I am a teacher today. The show (Cabaré Chinelo) arose from a university extension project and features students from my subject. The government as a supporter shows that an artist’s professional path is long, but above all it involves quality training”,

highlighted the professor, Taciano Soares.

“Cabaré Chinelo” is supported by the Government of Amazonas, through the Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy, University of the State of Amazonas (UEA) and the Amazonas State Research Support Foundation (Fapeam), in addition to the National Arts Foundation (Funarte) and Fondo de Ayudas para las Artes Sénicas Iberoamericana – Iberescena.

Adanilo – Actor

PHOTOS: Antônio Lima and Arthur Castro/Secom

Born and raised in the Compensa neighborhood, in the west of Manaus, Adanilo had his first contact with the performing arts in 2011, when he joined the team of an experimental theater in the capital. Afterwards, he was part of short films such as ‘A Menina do Umbrella’, ‘Aquela Estrada’ and ‘Tempo Passa’. The rise began in ‘Marighella’, a film directed by Wagner Moura.

It was in 2023, with the release of the film ‘Eureka’ at the Cannes Festival, in France, that the turning point happened once and for all in the actor’s career. In the film, he was directed by Argentine Lisandro Alonso. On the red carpet, the presence of indigenous leaders and artists was celebrated.

As an actor, Adanilo highlights the support of the Government of Amazonas in the broadcast of the first chapter of the new 9pm soap opera on a national broadcaster, of which he is part of the cast.

“The broadcast was in the Compensa neighborhood, where I was born and raised. It was all incredible. I think the greatest gift for an artist is being able to return to your place of origin and share your art with people who saw you grow. I am very grateful for the support of the State Government that made this happen. Supporting Amazonian artists bears fruit”,

highlighted Adanilo.

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