Woman admitted to hospital for collarbone surgery and has uterus removed due to “mistake”


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Rosangela Pureza Cavalcante, 42 years old, went through a traumatic experience at the Public Regional Hospital of Marajó, in Pará, after a mistaken surgery. The patient, originally admitted to treat a broken collarbone resulting from a motorcycle accident, was surprised to wake up and discover that her medical team had removed her uterus.

The incident, which occurred on January 24, led Rosangela’s family to register a police report at the Breves police station, on Ilha do Marajó. The Civil Police are investigating the case, interviewing witnesses to clarify the circumstances of the medical error.

The Pará State Department of Public Health (Sespa) announced the preliminary removal of the professionals involved and is conducting an investigation in collaboration with the Social Health Organization that manages the hospital unit.

Rosangela had sought care at the Breves Emergency Care Unit (UPA) after the motorcycle accident on January 18. Diagnosed with a fractured collarbone, she was taken to the Marajó Regional Hospital. However, surgery to correct the injury ended up being performed in the uterus by mistake.

During the hospitalization period, the family took turns caring for Rosangela, but, on the day of the surgery, one of the family members was prevented from attending the procedure. After the operation, upon waking up and feeling pain, Rosangela discovered the error and called the medical team. The situation was recorded by the family.

According to the recording provided by Rosângela’s family, doctor Lígia Sant’ana Bonisson entered the scene, identified herself by her first name, and said that a “mistake” had occurred, a change in patient identification. According to Lígia, a nurse identified Rosangela as Maria and sent her to her room, with the changed medical records.

Rosangela, shocked and shaken, expressed her frustration and despair at the situation, insisting that she was expecting surgery on her collarbone and not a removal of her uterus. The doctor tried to minimize the damage, highlighting that the only consequence would be the interruption of menstruation, but the victim highlighted the impact on her life and responsibility for caring for her children.

After the incident, Rosangela underwent a second surgery on January 25 to correct her broken collarbone. The family claims that, to date, she has not received post-operative emotional or health support from the hospital unit.

Sespa claims to be providing support to the patient, but the family disputes this, and the institution responsible for the hospital did not respond to G1’s contacts until the publication of this article. The Regional Council of Medicine and the Regional Nursing Council of Pará are investigating the case. The Regional Nursing Council emphasizes that, if a nurse’s participation is proven, she may be punished in accordance with the Code of Ethics for Nursing Professionals.

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