Jewish shopkeeper is the target of aggression and anti-Semitic insults in Bahia

Jewish shopkeeper is the target of aggression and anti-Semitic insults in Bahia
Jewish shopkeeper is the target of aggression and anti-Semitic insults in Bahia

One Jewish merchant suffered anti-Semitic attacks in a store in Arraial d’Ajuda, Bahia. Videos circulating on social media show the moment the woman was called “child killer” by a client.

In the images, you can see that the attacker attacks the trader. The owner of the store is called Herta Breslauer and had items broken during the attack.

“Zionist, child killer. I’m going to get you, damn Zionist.”, said the woman in the video. The attacker was restrained by a man.

After the attack, Herta Breslauer went to a police station to file a police report.

“I was just attacked, I’m leaving the Civil Police. I made a BO. I have an establishment here in Arraial. She came in, attacked me, hit me, destroyed my store, simply because I was Jewish, just because of that.”said the merchant.

In a statement, the Israeli Confederation of Brazil and the Israeli Society of Bahia denounced the “disgusting” and “cowardly” aggression and defended that the attack be investigated as a hate crime.

“Conib has been asking our leaders for moderation and balance so as not to ignore the tragic conflict underway in the Middle East. Anti-Semitism must be condemned by everyone, and its explosion in recent months here in Brazil and around the world is a consequence of hateful and distorted views about Israel and Jews expressed by personalities and distributed through social media. This needs to end to avoid even more serious consequences.”they state in the note.

PT’s anti-Semitic spiral

In a statement to a PT blog on January 20, José Genoino suggested boycotting companies run by Jews.

“This idea of ​​boycotting for political reasons that harm economic interests is interesting. There is even this boycott in relation to certain Jewish companies”he said when criticizing the petition drawn up by Brazilian businesspeople calling for the withdrawal of the country’s support for a lawsuit filed by South Africa against Israel in international justice.

As shown by Crusoethe president of the PT, Gleisi Hoffmann, also entered an anti-Semitic spiral that put her on a warpath with Conib.

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