Hotel occupancy should exceed 80% in RN during Carnival 2024


During the carnival period, hotel occupancy in Rio Grande do Norte should reach 81%, according to estimates by the Brazilian Association of the Hotel Industry in RN (ABIH/RN). The good expectations come after a positive January for tourism. Data from the National Civil Aviation Agency (Anac) points to an 8% increase in the number of flights to Rio Grande do Norte during this year’s high season, compared to the same period last year, which represents more tourists arriving at the capital.

“The expectation is that the state will reach an average occupancy rate of 81% during Carnival this year, a very positive result for all segments of tourism, especially for the hotel industry, one of the main responsible for generating jobs in the state ”, declares the president of ABIH/RN, Abdon Gosson.

He highlights that this percentage is the result of the work carried out by the entity and public authorities. “It reverberates in positive news, such as RN ranking in the 4th and 5th most popular destinations for the period, according to recent surveys by some travel operators”, he highlighted.

Rio Grande do Norte, through the capital Natal, which is the gateway for tourists to the state due to the Airport, appears in the first places in the surveys that tour operators prepare. CVC, for example, announced that the state of Rio Grande do Norte is in fourth place in the search for Carnival. The increase in trips for the period was 35% compared to last year, with the Northeast being the preferred champion.

On the Decolar travel platform, Rio Grande do Norte appears as the 5th most popular destination for the festive season. Searches for travel packages for February were evaluated and Brazil grew 114% compared to the same period last year.

Natal has also seen an increase in demand for tourist tours during this period/ Photo: Adriano Abreu

The tourists who most seek out the state come from the Southeast with 52.94% of the total, with emphasis on São Paulo with 38.43% of visitors. The female public is the one that most seeks out the Potiguar lands to travel.

The vice-president of the Brazilian Association of Travel Agencies (ABAV/RN), Luis Leite, believes that the work carried out by the operator Azul Viagens is helping to maintain the level of tourists in the city now in February, for the carnival period. “She worked with extra flights from the 9th to the 19th of February, leaving from Guarulhos, São Paulo, Salvador and Rio de Janeiro to Natal. These are cities that have big carnivals, so the proposal is to offer a calmer destination like Natal”, he said.

The expectation for this year is to surpass 2023. Luis Leite points out that last year the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic were still evident and that, this year, an increase in tourists is expected to arrive in the state. “We have already noticed significant growth compared to last year when people were still a little afraid of traveling. We hope to have around 20%”, estimates the vice-president of ABAV/RN.

For the year, expectations, according to him, are also positive, especially due to the increase of over 19 thousand seats announced by Azul Viagens for dedicated flights, that is, which include the leisure package, with the proposal to maintain the high season movement (January, February, July) in other periods.

In January, the sector celebrated encouraging results. According to the Rio Grande do Norte Tourist Intelligence System (Sírio), the month of January had 1,904 flights and 31 arrivals per day, with 20 connections, two of which were international, at Natal International Airport.

More Tourists

Many tourists already know the capital and return again and again to enjoy not only the natural beauty, but other attributes of the city. “Here we know that the beach is safe, more comfortable. It is very good for traveling with the family, bringing young children, in short, the people are very good people, welcoming, and the prices are good compared to other places”, reports psychologist Lais Santos, who was once again visiting the beach of Ponta Negra with the family.

Abdon, from ABIH, highlights the work of the entity and public authorities/ Photo: Magnus Nascimento

According to the Potiguar Tourism Promotion Company (Emprotur-RN), tourists who visit Rio Grande do Norte in the high season this year leave almost R$40 million in the local economy. The result would be linked to the growth of two indicators: increase in average spending (17%) and length of stay of visitors (33%), compared to the same period last year. The director of Tourism Promotion at Emprotur, Nayara Santana, states that the positive performance is also the result of investments in promoting Rio Grande do Norte as a tourist destination.

“We know that the state has unparalleled natural beauty, it has countless options for leisure, fun, adventure, a very rich gastronomy, however, for this to be reflected in the arrival of tourists, it is necessary that we always keep the state in the imagination of the final public and of strategic partners for the sale of the destination”, he reinforces. “This shows our commitment to promoting this important economic chain that generates so many jobs and moves the local economy. Emphasizing that a survey released by the Ministry of Tourism shows a significant increase in the number of job vacancies in the sector”, highlights the director-president of Emprotur–RN, Roberta Duarte.

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