Activity focused on writing is highlighted during the school reception week


Unit serves students from the 1st to 3rd years of high school, and concluded the activities with a festive bingo for teachers and students

To develop students’ taste for writing and oral reading, the Escola Estadual Professora Marluce Massariol de Souza, in the municipality of Parauapebas, in the southeast of the State, held an exhibition of the “Book of Life” project. The activity was carried out on Friday night (2) and
It represented the culmination of the week of reception held at the unit.

Hanging throughout the school corridor, the books developed by the students, where students had to create a drawing that represented them, then mention their characteristics, then their challenges and finally tell their story, the proposal was to encourage coexistence in the school space. and encourage students to read.

eb6072ef16.jpgStudent Ewelen Rodrigues, in the 3rd year of high school, says that the reception week did her a lot of good. “This week I needed to have this moment, as I had been feeling anxious about returning to school. With the book, I was able to ease my thoughts, where I could tell a little about my story, about a trauma I went through as a child and everyone congratulated me for the courage I had in opening up in front of everyone”, says the student.

663cf89904.jpgReconciling paid activities with the school environment, Mateus Viana, a 2nd year high school student, works in a construction store and said that his routine does not prevent him from going to school during the night shift.

“My life is very busy, in the morning I work, in the afternoon I take a course and at night I am at work. It’s not an obstacle, because I really like the school environment and the teachers, which is why I try to participate in all the activities, it keeps my mind busy. In this work I explained my dream, which is to open a digital marketing company, and I also talked about the challenges that will be faced with this dream”, said the student.

0265007fcd.jpg“During the night shift, students feel the need to be welcomed and participate in the school environment. With this in mind, we planned a week in which they felt important, as it is not a mere expectation, but one that makes them feel welcomed and confident”, said Luzanira Padilha, deputy director.

The unit, which serves approximately 200 students at night, from the 1st to the 3rd year of high school, concluded the activities with bingo to entertain teachers and students.

Text by Bianca Rodrigues / Ascom Seduc

The article is in Portuguese


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