Four cities in Rio Grande do Norte will be test sites for the Unified National Public Competition


To register for the Unified National Public Competition (CNPU), you must have a account and be aware of the information to take the test. Photo: Rafa Neddermeyer/Agencia Brasil

Almost 1.5 million of people have already registered for the Unified National Public Competition (CPNU), which will be held simultaneously in 220 cities, including Natal, Mossoro, Parnamirim and Caico. The objective of decentralization is to promote equal opportunities for access to permanent public positions. Registration will until February 9th, and cost R$90 for higher-level positions and R$60 for the mid-level block of positions. The tests will be on May 5th.

With 6,640 vacancies for 21 federal public administration bodies, the Unified National Public Competition is an innovative model for selecting public servants, created by the Ministry of Management and Innovation in Public Services (MGI). The new model consists of jointly holding public competitions to fill effective public positions within the bodies and entities of the direct, autonomous and foundational Federal Public Administration, through the simultaneous application of tests in all States and the Federal District.

To register, the candidate must access the GOVPoder BR page. Then, you need to log in and follow the instructions indicated. When registering, the candidate chooses careers, which will be divided into eight thematic blocks. Each block brings together careers that have similarities between them.

The CPNU will allow registration to compete for vacancies for more than one position, as long as they are within the same thematic block. One of the advantages is that the candidate will pay a one-time registration fee. When applying for more than one position, the candidate must classify the vacancies of interest in order of preference to define the priority in a possible call, based on the score achieved.

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