Doctor takes charge of Health in place of secretary removed due to suspicion of fraud for orthopedic surgeries in Roraima | Roraima


1 of 1 operation — Photo: Government of Roraima/Reproduction
operation — Photo: Government of Roraima/Reproduction

Doctor Edson Castro Neto temporarily assumed the position of Secretary of Health (Sesau) in place of lawyer Cecília Smith Lorenzon, removed from the role by the Federal Court on suspicion of involvement in fraud involving orthopedic surgeries in the state. The information was released this Saturday (3) by the government.

Edson Castro Neto held the position of deputy secretary at Sesau. He graduated from the Federal University of Pará and specializes in clinical medicine. According to the government, Edson meets “all the necessary prerequisites for occupying the position and the smooth running of the Health secretariat, as well as its programs and actions.”

The change in command of Sesau occurred after the Federal Police launched the operation Higeia, which investigates the existence of an organized criminal structure suspected of defrauding bidding procedures in the area of ​​providing traumatology and orthopedics services within Sesau, culminating in the accession of a price registration minutes tendered by the government of Acre.

During the operation, federal agents carried out a search and seizure warrant at Cecília Lorezon’s house, at the Sesau headquarters and at the Hospital Geral de Roraima, the largest hospital in the state. Furthermore, the Federal Court ordered her removal from her position as secretary and she was banned from accessing the secretariat.

According to the PF’s investigations, the hiring of companies that provide health services were carried out “without a preliminary technical study proving the internal need for the service, disregarding previous audits by the Federal Audit Court (TCU) and the Federal Comptroller General (CGU)”.

Regarding the operation, the government states that it “supports any and all investigation processes, and that it defends transparency and the clarification of any doubts regarding management.” When contacted, Cecília Lorenzon has not yet commented on her departure.

He also said that he determined that full transparency be given to the facts and documents requested by the inspection and control bodies.

Upon taking over Sesau, Edson Castro Neto becomes the 11th secretary in the administration of Antonio Denarium (PP) since 2019, when he took office for the first time as governor. Cecília Lorenzon had been secretary for two years – since February 2022.

Chronology of changes in the Department of Health

See below the changes in Health command made by Governor Denarium (PP) since 2019:

1st term (2019 to 2022):

2nd term (starts in 2023)

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