SC expects to earn R$2.3 billion in Carnival 2024


Santa Catarina stands out as a carnival destination in Brazil and expects revenue of R$2.3 billion in the 2024 carnival, according to a survey by the National Confederation of Commerce in Goods, Services and Tourism (CNC). The State estimates a percentage growth of 11.6% in tourist activities during the festivities in several cities in Santa Catarina.

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The CNC points out that, at a national level, this year’s carnival promises to generate R$9 billion in the tourism sector, an increase of 10% compared to 2023. According to the research, revenue should exceed, for the first time, the period pre-pandemic.

The festival is also synonymous with job creation. The expectation is that 66,699 thousand jobs will be created, with 3.1% of temporary contracts in Brazil being completed, according to CNC research.

Carnival in Joaçaba should generate R$ 6 million

The Joaçaba carnival promises to shake up the city and generate around R$6 million in the local economy. Three associations will participate in the parades that take place on the 10th and 12th of February, on Avenida XV de Novembro, in the center of the city. More than 100 jobs are created between the three schools.

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The State government transferred more than R$1.17 million to the mayor of Joaçaba, Dioclésio Ragnini, to organize the party through the Cultural Investment Program (PIC). According to Governor Jorginho Mello, the state executive’s commitment is to help with an event of this size, which promotes culture and boosts the local economy.

— We have lived here for many, many years and whenever we talk about Carnival to someone from outside, who is far from here, the person does not understand at first explanation that there is a carnival of this size, with this beauty and quality. I have been a partner in helping Carnival since 1995, when I became a state deputy. I never stopped helping and now it’s a little easier, because I’m governor we can help even more — he said.

More than 100 events in Florianópolis

Carnival 2024 in Florianópolis will feature more than 100 events, spread across the Capital, boosting the local economy both on the Island and on the Continent. There are at least 90 blocks registered in a city ​​hall platform. According to the municipal secretary, coordinator of the Florianópolis 2024 Carnival, Fábio Botelho, “Carnival will be in every corner of the city”.

On Saturday, February 10th, the day traditionally marked by the Bloco dos Sujos, the city hall will provide at least 60 extra buses to facilitate public movement — a number that may increase depending on demand. The city’s main block will feature the return of trams around Praça XV, in the Center.

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