Governor says no school in SC will refuse enrollment due to lack of vaccine

Governor says no school in SC will refuse enrollment due to lack of vaccine
Governor says no school in SC will refuse enrollment due to lack of vaccine

The matter generated controversy after a measure by the Ministry of Health

Governor Jorginho Mello (PL) made a statement this Friday, 2nd, in which he guarantees that no school in Santa Catarina will refuse to enroll students who have not received a certain vaccine. A video was released on the governor’s social media.

The matter generated controversy with the repercussion of a measure by the Ministry of Health that provides for the inclusion of the Covid-19 vaccine in the children’s vaccination schedule. The governor, however, did not directly mention the Covid-19 vaccine and also did not announce any specific measures in the video.

“No school in Santa Catarina will refuse to enroll any student due to lack of vaccination. It is on the conscience of every Santa Catarina resident to exercise their right as a citizen”, says Jorginho. Furthermore, he comments that last year he revoked a decree that provided for the mandatory vaccination of teachers.

Wanted by the news report The Municipality, the government of Santa Catarina clarifies that, despite a state law recommending the presentation of a vaccination card, the understanding is that children are not prevented from attending school.

Santa Catarina mayors took measures that go against the determination of the Ministry of Health. André Vechi (PL), from Brusque; Adriano Silva (New), from Joinville; Mário Hildebrandt (Podemos), from Blumenau, and other mayors signed decrees and went online.

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Check the note from the SC government

The federal government, through the Ministry of Health, added the Covid-19 vaccine to the Child Vaccination Calendar starting this year. Even if those responsible do not present the vaccination card, under no circumstances may the student be denied enrollment or attendance for this reason.

Although the state has a law that recommends the presentation of the vaccination card when enrolling and re-enrolling in public and private schools, even if the card is not complete, the child is not prevented from attending school (according to law 14,949, of November 11, 2009). Parents are advised on the need to update vaccination schedules (not just Covid-19).

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