see the schedule for the last weekend before Carnival in Recife and Olinda

see the schedule for the last weekend before Carnival in Recife and Olinda
see the schedule for the last weekend before Carnival in Recife and Olinda

The last weekend before Carnival 2024 in Pernambuco is full of options for all tastes and budgets in Olinda It is Recife.

Among the highlights is the 58th Recife Municipal Ballwhich will have shows featuring only female voices, with names like Iza, Elba Ramalho It is Vanessa da Mata.

Below, check out options to go this Saturday (3) and Sunday (4):


Wake up to take Gagau

Time: concentration at 12pm and departure at 3pm with Maestro Lessa’s Orchestra

Location: Bar Frege, on Avenida Rio Branco, Recife neighborhood, with free entry

Cooking in Caldinho

Time: gathering at 12pm

Location: Rua Setúbal, between the intersections with streets Zael Diógenes and Mário de Castro, Boa Viagem

Chocalho do Neno Block

Time: 4pm, gates opening at 3pm

Tickets: R$390 (“all inclusive”) and R$2,500 (table for four people), on sale online

Programming: with shows by Spok Frevo Orquestra, Seu Jorge, Latino and É o Tchan

Location: Camarote Parador, Avenida Alfredo Lisboa, 5, Bairro do Recife

Carnival Troupe Mascarada Mexe com Tudo parades in Recife Antigo

Time: 4pm

Location: leaving Marco Zero and following the streets of the neighborhood, with masked passers-by

Programming: the group will be accompanied by Orquestra do Avesso, inviting the public to fall in step, with apotheosis in Praça do Arsenal, in front of Paço do Frevo

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Gago Beer

Time: 5pm

Programming: with shows by Xanddy Harmonia do Samba, Patusco, Felipe Farra and Baile do Ed

Location: Clube Internacional do Recife, Rua Benfica, 505, Madalena

Tickets: R$90 (arena) and R$265 (premium open bar), on sale online

Recife Municipal Ball

Time: 8pm

Programming: with Orquestra Popular do Recife, Orquestra Popular da Bomba do Hemetério, Spok Frevo Orquestra, Iza, Elba Ramalho, Vanessa da Mata, Gerlane Lops, Nena Queiroga, Uana, Larissa Lisboa, Joyce Alane and Isadora Melo

Location: Convention Center, Avenida Agamenon Magalhães, s/n, Salgadinho, Olinda

Tickets: R$50 (track) and R$600 (table for four people), on sale on site and online

Zumbi Nation Essay

Time: 10pm

Programming: with Lia de Itamaracá, Jéssica Caitano and Maciel Salu and opening of the Academia da Berlinda

Location: Nelcy da Silva Campos Maritime Terminal, Recife neighborhood

Tickets: from R$90 (half price), on sale online


Being Different is Normal Block

Time: 9am

Location: Avenida Boa Viagem, in Segundo Jardim

Cata Ponche Block

Time: 12pm

Programming: with Raphaela Santos, Neiff, Tocha, Marreta, Valquíria Santana, Beleza Pura and Banda Inove

Location: procession along Avenida Afonso Olindense, Várzea

Carnival Scream

Time: 3pm

Programming: with shows by Neguinho da Beija-Flor and the groups Terra and Elite

Location: headquarters of the Gigante da Samba school, Rua das Crianças, 63, Bomba do Hemetério

Tickets: R$50, on sale online

Take Stick

Time: 4pm

Programming: with shows by Mari Fernandes, Zé Vaqueiro, Eric Land, Sheldon and Davizão

Location: Rua Almeida Cunha, s/n, Santo Amaro

Tickets: R$210 (open bar), on sale online

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Afoxés meeting

Time: 5pm

Programming: with 20 associations and Ubuntu rehearsal for the opening of the carnival

Location: Rua São Pedro, 31, São José

Frei Caneca Stage Arsenal Square

Time: 5pm

Programming: with presentations by representatives of coconut, samba and indie rock from Recife, such as Grupo Terra, Cila do Coco, Afroito, Mombojó and DJ Fragozza, during breaks: Praça do Arsenal da Marinha, Recife Antigo

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