Judge cancels Gusttavo Lima show in Bahia. ‘It would be disastrous’

Judge cancels Gusttavo Lima show in Bahia. ‘It would be disastrous’
Judge cancels Gusttavo Lima show in Bahia. ‘It would be disastrous’

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O judge of law Vanderley Andrade de Lacerda, from the Public Treasury of Juazeiro/BA, canceled the show that the singer Gusttavo Lima on the 9th in the small town of Campo Alegres de Lourdes, during the festivities of the city’s patron saint.

The municipality is experiencing economic difficulties, with serious financial and structural problems, in a public and notorious way. The municipality was recently ranked with the fifth worst index in Bahia with regard to health management, education and sanitation. If that wasn’t enough, decree 59/23 declared an emergency in the municipality.

The singer’s fee of R$1.3 million is greater than the entire budget of the municipality’s Culture department in two years.

In the decision, the judge noted that “by carefully reviewing all the documents analyzed, I can see that the high cost of staging the “Gusttavo Lima” show is disastrous given the financial and budgetary capacity of the municipality, which is in a declared situation of public calamity, receiving funds for investment in culture almost four times lower than the amount paid to the band”.

Another concert by the singer canceled

This is not Gusttavo Lima’s first show canceled in Bahia for this reason, the disparity in the value of the fee with the financial difficulties of the municipality where the show would take place.

On June 5, 2022, the president of the STJ, minister Humberto Martins, suspended the singer’s show that would take place at Festa da Banana, in the municipality of Teolândia, BA.

According to the minister, the expenditure of high amounts for a municipality with only twenty thousand inhabitants and in a declared emergency situation justified the measure.

“This is a very high expense for a small municipality, with low revenue, in which, as pointed out by the Public Ministry of Bahia, the amount spent on organizing the event is equivalent to months of essential public services”, he stated.

The municipality had been hit by rain in the months of November and December 2021 and had to appeal for funds from the Federal Government for its reconstruction after disasters caused by the rains.

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