The most complete Electronic Media in Mato Grosso do Sul

The most complete Electronic Media in Mato Grosso do Sul
The most complete Electronic Media in Mato Grosso do Sul

The City of Chapadão do Sul, through the Administration Secretariat, informs the Tenders that will take place in the next week of February, 5th to 9th, from the Municipal Executive, for the purchase of various materials, provision of services and the carrying out of works of interest to the municipal administration and the population.

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05/02 – 08h – Electronic Auction – Marmitex

07/02 – 08h – Electronic Auction – Social Assistance Vehicle

07/02 – 08h – Electronic Auction – Pilot kitchen vehicles

Notices can be collected from the Tenders Department and via email: [email protected]. For more information, call (67) 3562-5642 and (67) 3562-5640 or click here

Bids take place respecting all biosafety protocols.

Empreende Chapadão do Sul

The Digital Platform is a Municipal Executive project developed through the Cidade Empreendedora program, aiming to improve access for small business owners to the municipality’s tenders and allows them to have easy access to the bidding notices launched by the municipality.

Through the Empreende Chapadão do Sul Portal, in addition to having access to the bidding notices launched by the municipality, registered local entrepreneurs will also be able to follow the City Hall’s Purchasing Schedule and plan to participate in the auctions.

Another available resource is quick access to all the certificates necessary for the company to qualify for bidding processes, in addition to being a place to consult municipal public procurement legislation. The platform also offers local traders the possibility of clarifying doubts through online support promoted by Sala do Empreendedor.

More than helping entrepreneurs, another feature of the digital platform allows companies to get closer to consumers. On the portal, there is a georeferencing system that indicates the location of each registered enterprise on the city map, in addition to the type of product or service offered, so that the population can find solutions to their demands easily and quickly.

Source: Assecom PMCHS

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