Hearing deals with the implementation of the sanitary landfill in Francisco Santos; work will serve 61 municipalities


The city of Francisco Santos hosted a public hearing on the evening of Friday, February 2nd. The event took place at the Social Assistance Administrative Center and was promoted by the State Secretariat for the Environment and Water Resources (SEMARH-PI), with support from the City Hall under the administration of Mayor Dr. Luís José and Vice-Mayor Edson Carvalho, and of the Public Ministry of the State of Piauí (MPPI).

The event aimed to present the Environmental Impact Studies (EIA) and the Environmental Impact Report (RIMA) for the implementation of a Waste Recovery Center – NVR (Landfill), located at Fazenda Vitalino, in the rural area of ​​the municipality. , by the company SI Soluções Ambientais e Gestão de Residuos LTDA.

NVR is a venture that aims to carry out the environmentally appropriate final disposal of waste generated by municipalities in the Southeast of Piauí, with the challenge of putting an end to open dumps that pollute water, soil and air, mainly through leachate, as which complies with the National Solid Waste Policy (PNRS) regulated by Federal Law 12,305 of August 2, 2010.

The hearing was chaired by Semarh-PI’s director of social relations, Vicente Gomes da Silva, accompanied by Semarh’s tax auditor, Daniel Guimarães, and prosecutor Paulo Maurício Araújo Gusmão, representing the Public Ministry. Present on the occasion were: the mayor of Francisco Santos, Luís José; the representative of SI – Environmental Solutions and Waste Management, Getúlio Filho; the coordinators and technicians responsible for preparing the basic project and environmental studies (EIA/RIMA), Airton Pacheco de Brito Júnior and Igor Farias de Oliveira.

The project aims to benefit 868,836 inhabitants of 61 municipalities: Acauã, Alagoinha do Piauí, Alegrete do Piauí, Aroazes, Aroeiras do Itaim, Barra D’ Alcântara, Bela Vista do Piauí, Belém do Piauí, Betânia do Piauí, Bocaina, Cajazeiras do Piauí, Caldeirão Grande do Piauí, Campinas do Piauí, Campo Grande do Piauí, Caridade do Piauí, Colônia do Piauí, Conceição do Canindé, Curral Novo do Piauí, Dom Expedito Lopes, Floresta do Piauí, Francisco Macedo, Francisco Santos, Fronteiras, Geminiano, Inhuma , Ipiranga do Piauí, Isaias Coelho, Itainópolis, Jaicós, Jacobina do Piauí, Lagoa do Sítio, Marcolândia, Massapê do Piauí, Monsenhor Hipólito, Novo Oriente, Oeiras, Padre Marcos, Paquetá do Piauí, Patos do Piauí, Sussuapara, Paulistanta, Picos , Pimenteiras, Pio IX, Santa Cruz do Piauí, Santa Rosa do Piauí, Santana do Piauí, Santo Antônio de Lisboa, Santo Inácio do Piauí, São João da Canabrava, São José do Piauí, São Julião, São Luís do Piauí, Simões, Simplício Mendes, Sussuapara, Valença do Piauí, Várzea Grande do Piauí, Vera Mendes, Vila Nova do Piauí and Wall Ferraz.

For the mayor of Francisco Santos, Dr. Luiz José, the implementation of the landfill is very important for the municipalities and the environment.

“The sanitary landfill that will be built by the company will be private, but it will serve and solve the problem basically in all the prefectures in our macro-region, because to date no prefecture has a sanitary landfill and unfortunately it is unable to even build one. and not even keep one. This partnership already exists between the municipality and the company with the participation and monitoring of the Public Ministry providing full support. The public hearing today was held in a very positive way. The population attended, the entities attended, answered their doubts, asked their questions and we will resolve this issue of my environment so that the waste is disposed of responsibly. So the population and my environment are grateful”, highlighted the mayor of Francisco Santos.

Director of social relations at Semarh, Vicente Gomes, led the hearing and in an interview with Cidadesnanet.com he declared that the extinction of landfills is the law.


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