Athlete from Marica is hired by Botafogo

Athlete from Marica is hired by Botafogo
Athlete from Marica is hired by Botafogo

The athlete from the 3×3 Basketball team of the Maricá Cidade project, Lucas Campos da Silva, just 15 years old, was hired by the Botafogo team to compete in the under-15 category. The young man from Marica, who had his talent discovered in the social project of Maricá City Hall, through the Department of Sports and Leisure, never trained basketball before the opportunity that arose in the municipal project.

Born in Itaipuaçu, Lucas began to come into contact with the sport after seeing his brother Matheus Tenório, 26, play countless times in an adapted space in the house where they live. After his mother’s insistence, the young man signed up to participate in the selection process for the “Maricá Cidade Olímpica” project, which aims to detect future sporting talents, aged 14 and over, in ten Olympic sports (beach and indoor volleyball). , 3×3 basketball, handball, rowing and archery) and Paralympics (archery, rowing, bocce and sitting volleyball).

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Wearing glasses reminiscent of those worn by NBA legends, Lucas looks at his idols and is grateful for the opportunity.

“It was wonderful for my life to receive this opportunity. I felt like I had something more in me and that I could go far with training and tips from the project professionals. Being at Botafogo is something unique! I don’t think there’s any way to explain it, it’s an incredible feeling, you know?!, it’s a rush, but it’s really good”, said the young man.

Lucas, who currently plays as a winger, is 1.86 tall, and has great encouragement from the project professionals, his mother, Nicole Campos, and all his family members.

The Secretary of Sports and Leisure, Filipe Bittencourt, highlighted the young man’s talent. “Lucas is a reflection of the project’s success. I’m sure that this door that Botafogo opens for him today is the result of a lot of effort and dedication. As we often say, Maricá Cidade Olímpica is a factory of champions”, he commented.

For mother Nicole, the project created a path for the athlete to improve and develop their skills and potential.

“There was an opportunity for him to improve and dedicate himself to basketball. I saw the selection report on Instagram and I couldn’t help but encourage him to do it, as I knew his great potential. It was surprising when the day arrived. Lucas is very dedicated. Everything he wants, he dedicates himself to. But what surprised me was getting to where he is today. Just seeing him play is surprising. It’s magical to see that a game with your brother turned him into an athlete,” said his mother.

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